100+ *Gorgeous* 3 Letter Girl Names [+Meanings]

3 Letter Girl Names That Will Steal Your Heart

baby with 3 letter girl names

On the hunt for some beautiful 3 letter girl names for your baby girl? This is the ultimate list for you!

Not going to lie, these girl names are so cute and trendy that I’m adding a few of them to my personal list of favorite girl names!

Today I have collected TONS of three letter girl names according to different themes: cute, unique, elegant, common, famous, nature-inspired, and mythology-inspired.

A popular trend nowadays is to follow a minimalist lifestyle, and this even applies to when you’re choosing a baby name. So many couples love the idea of choosing a short and sweet baby name, so why not go with a three letter name!

So without further ado, let’s get into the list!

All 3 Letter Girl Names in Alphabetical Order

Starting with A

  • The name Ada is of German origin and means “noble.” It’s a super modern and elegant name for a baby girl!
  • Ady is an Old German name that means “noble.” It’s short for Adeline, but also makes a cute name by itself.
  • This name is new to me, but as soon as I heard it, I instantly loved it! Ala is Arabic and means “excellence.”
  • You can’t go wrong with this adorable name. Ali is a Muslim/Arabic name meaning “supreme.”
  • Ama is one of those names that sound so pretty and have a super unique meaning. As having African origins, this name means “one who is born on Saturday.
  • Another classic name that is an instant favorite. Amy is actually a French name meaning “beloved.”
  • As a Spanish speaker, I’ve always loved this Spanish name, which means “grace.”
  • Similar to Ana, Ann means “grace” but has Latin roots.
  • This super cool short name means “king” and is Arabic.
  • This Hebrew name means “lion of God,” perfect for a fierce little girl!
  • Short for Ashley, but Ash is also a great name by itself! Ash is a Hebrew name meaning “happy.”
  • This is one of the most popular three letter girl names! Ava means “life, water, or bird” and is Latin.
  • Aya, a unique Japanese name means “bird or colorful.”

Starting with B

  • I think this name is so classy! It’s of American origins meaning “blessed or she who brings joy.
  • Often being a nickname for Rebecca, Bec is from Irish Mythology meaning “small.
  • Bia is from Greek Mythology meaning “power or force.
  • This is an elegant 3 letter girl name meaning “the color blue” and has American roots.
  • Bri is another sweet short name you can’t go wrong with. Bri is a Celtic name and means “noble.”

Starting with D

  • Often a nickname for Deborah. Deb is a Hebrew name meaning “bee,” how sweet is that?
  • This spunky American name means “swarthy.
  • This English name means “gifted ruler.
  • What an interesting three letter girl name. It means “heavenly or divine” and is Ancient Greek.
  • This name just reminds me of Harry Potter.. if you know, you know <3 Doe is English for “female deer.
  • And this name reminds me of one of my favorite childhood movies A Bug’s Life haha Dot is a super cute name meaning “gift of God” and is Greek.
  • This is a fairly new and modern name meaning “prayer” and is Arabic.

Starting with E

  • This Old Norse name means “wealthy or happy.
  • How can you not like this name? Ela is Aramaic for “oak.
  • Similar to Ela, but Ele is a Hawaiian name and means “black, shining one.
  • Another short but sweet name. Eli is Hebrew and means “highest.”
  • If you love the name Emma but want three letters instead, then this is perfect! Ema is Old German for “whole.
  • Another cute Japanese name and it means “beautiful or blessed.
  • This name is from greek Mythology referring to the “Goddess of Dawn“.
  • As one of the most common short girl names out there, this Latin/Hebrew name means “life.”
  • As the English version, this name also means “life.”
  • The is a cute version of Eve or Eva. Evy is Hebrew/Latin for “life.

Starting with F

  • I love this one, mainly because the meaning is so enchanting. Fay is French/English for “fairy.
  • This is a Chinese name meaning “dancing in the air.
  • Such a unique sounding name! This is a Latin name meaning “flame or wild.
  • Flo is a Latin name meaning “flowering or blossoming.
  • This ‘foxy’ name is English and means “fox.

Starting with G

  • This Hebrew name means “wave.
  • Another awesome Japanese name. This one means “spring.
  • This beautiful Italian name means “God’s gracious gift.
  • This unisex name is Italian/Hebrew and means “Lord is gracious.

Starting with I

  • This beautiful German name means “hard-working.
  • If you love the name Isla like I do, then this shortened version may be what you’re looking for! Ila is Scottish meaning “island.
  • Ina is a Latin name that means “to entertain or pure.
  • Ino is a super cool short name from Greek Mythology and refers to the “mortal queen of Boeotia.
  • This pretty name is Hebrew meaning “watchful.
  • Another pretty Hebrew name meaning “strong-willed or salvation of God.”
  • I really like this name. It’s Slavic and means “God is gracious.
  • This one’s a super popular name! Ivy is English and refers to and means “climbing vine plant.

Starting with J

  • This classic Hebrew name means “God is gracious.
  • This unisex name is Latin and refers to “a jay, songbird.
  • This name is perfect for your little “gem”. It’s English/Latin for “supplant.
  • This has got to be the perfect name for your bundle of joy! haha Joy is Latin and of course means “joy.

Starting with K

  • Kai is Hawaiian and means “sea.
  • Often a nickname for Katherine. Kat is English and means “pure.
  • This African name means “beginning of season,” how pretty is that??
  • As a Korean name, Kim means “gold.
  • This name just rolls off the tongue. Kit is Greek and means “bearing Christ or pure.
  • Kya is another African name and means “sky or diamond.

Starting with L

  • This pretty Hebrew name means “meadow.
  • This unisex name is English and also means “meadow.
  • This cool Greek name means “man’s defender.
  • This cute name is also Greek and means “bearer of good news.
  • This super pretty and graceful name is English meaning “lily flower.
  • Liv has many origins such as Nordic, Swedish, and Danish and means “life.
  • Liz is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my oath” how beautiful is that??
  • This unisex name is German meaning “warrior.
  • This one is from Roman Mythology and refers to the “goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons.
  • This modern Latin name means “light.
  • This is the Spanish/Portuguese version and also means “light.
  • This cute English name means “pretty.

Starting with M

  • As a first name or middle name, this one’s super pretty. This name has English roots and means “precious pearl.”
  • This unique Spanish name means “sea.”
  • I love this name as it always remind me of Hercules. This name is Greek and means “pearl.
  • If you prefer this spelling, this Mei is Chinese and means “beautiful or plum.
  • Such a pretty short girl name. Mel is of American origin and means “smooth or dark.
  • This one is SUPER popular as well. Mia is Hebrew and means “mine.
  • If you love the name Maya, you’ll love this shortened version of it! Mya is Greek and means “great.

Starting with N

  • This super pretty name is Swahili and means “brilliance, goal, or purpose.
  • This unisex name is Hebrew and means “motion.
  • This one is super unique. Nya is Gaelic and means “purpose.
  • I love this name! Nyx is from greek Mythology and refers to “the goddess of the night.”

Starting with O

  • Cute, earthy baby girl name!
  • Gender-neutral name meaning “elf warrior” or “the peaceful one”
  • I love this name because of what it means in my first language, Spanish. Ora is Spanish for “pray.

Starting with P

  • What a classic name. Pam is Greek and means “honey.
  • This one is super unique and different. Pan is from greek Mythology meaning “to protect or shepherd.
  • Pax is actually from Greek Mythology meaning “goddess of peace.
  • Paz is a Spanish/Portuguese name that means “peace.
  • This cute girl’s name is Latin and means “honorable.
  • You’ve probably heard of this name if you ever watched the show Phil of the Future. Pim is Dutch and means “protection.

Starting with R

  • Super cute name. Rae is of English origins and means “ewe.
  • Similar to the previous name, but Rea is English and means “flowing.
  • If you like the name Wren, you’ll like this shortened version. Ren is of Japanese origins and means “lotus or water.
  • This unique name means “river” and is English.
  • Rue is an English name that means “regret.” This name is popular because of the Hunger Games series.

Starting with S

  • This is one of the most common three letter girl names. Sam is Hebrew and means “told by God.”
  • This name is awesome if you just love the beach! Sea is Old English and means “ocean.”
  • Yes of course, like the talented singer Sia. Who doesn’t love her music?? This name is actually Swedish and means “victory.”
  • This interesting name comes from Norse Mythology meaning “wife of the god Thor.”
  • This girls name is of Scandinavian roots and means “sky.”
  • I’ve always loved this name growing up. Sol is a Hebrew/Spanish name and means “sun.”
  • A classic name. Sue is of English origins and means “lily.”
  • This name is awesome if you love astrology right?? Sun is Korean and means “goodness.”
  • Syn is a cool and different three letter girl name that comes from Norse Mythology and refers to the “guardian of the gates.”

Starting with T

  • This cool three letter girl name is Chinese and means “extreme.
  • Tea is of Spanish origins and means “goddess, gift of God.
  • This is another popular girls name. Tia is Spanish/Greek and means “princess.

Starting with U

  • Uma is a Hindu Goddess that represents “tranquility night, light, peace.
  • Una is a Latin name meaning “one or lamb.

Starting with V

  • This cute girl’s name means “from the valley” and is of English origins.
  • This one is an adorable name. Vee is of English origins and means “gift of God.
  • Short for Vivienne, Viv is of Latin origins and means “alive.

Starting with X

  • This is a pretty cool girls name. Xia is Chinese and means “glow of sunrise or sunset” how pretty!
  • Another interesting short girls name. Xin is also Chinese and means “beautiful or elegant.

Starting with Z

  • This unisex name is Japanese and means “meditation.
  • This girls name is of Latin/Arabic origins and means “light.
  • Finally, Zoe is one of the top three letter girl names. Zoe is a Greek name meaning “life.

Cute 3 Letter Girl Names

  • Ady- (Old German) meaning “noble”
  • Ari- (Hebrew) meaning “lion of God”
  • Bri- (Celtic) meaning “noble”
  • Dee- (American) meaning “swarthy”
  • Dot- (Greek) meaning “gift of God”
  • Eli- (Hebrew) meaning “highest”
  • Emi-(Japanese) meaning “beautiful, blessed”
  • Eve- (Latin/Hebrew) meaning “life”
  • Evy- (Hebrew/Latin) meaning “life”
  • Fay- (French/English) meaning “fairy”
  • Fei- (Chinese) meaning dancing in the air
  • Kat- (English) meaning pure
  • Kit- (Greek) meaning “bearing Christ, pure”
  • Lyn- (English) meaning “pretty”
  • Nia- (Swahili) meaning “brilliance, goal, purpose”
  • Pim- (Dutch) meaning “protection”
  • Rea- (English) meaning “flowing”
  • Tea- (Spanish) meaning “goddess, gift of God”
  • Vee- (English) meaning “gift of God”

Rare and Unique 3 Letter Girl Names

  • Ala- (Arabic) meaning “noble, excellence”
  • Ama- (African) meaning “born on Saturday”
  • Ara- (Arabic) meaning “king”
  • Ash- (Hebrew) meaning “happy”
  • Des- (English) meaning “gifted ruler”
  • Fia- (Latin) meaning “flame, wild”
  • Ina- (Latin) meaning “to entertain or pure”
  • Ira- (Hebrew) meaning “watchful”
  • Kya- (African) meaning “sky diamond”
  • Lex- (Greek) meaning “man’s defender”
  • Lux- (Latin) meaning “light”
  • Nya- (Gaelic) meaning “purpose”
  • Ora- (Spanish) meaning “pray”
  • Paz- (Spanish/Portuguese) meaning “peace”
  • Rue- (English) meaning “regret”
  • Sun- (Korean) meaning “goodness”
  • Tai- (Chinese) meaning “extreme”
  • Una- (Latin) meaning “one, lamb”
  • Xia-(Chinese) meaning “glow of sunrise or sunset”
  • Xin- (Chinese) meaning “beautiful or elegant”
  • Zen- (Japanese) meaning “meditation”
  • Zia-(Latin/Arabic) meaning “light”

Elegant 3 Letter Girl Names

  • Ada- (German) meaning “noble”
  • Bea- (American) meaning “she who brings joy, blessed”
  • Blu- (American) meaning “blue”
  • Eda- (Old Norse) meaning “wealthy, happy”
  • Ele- (Hawaiian) meaning “black, shining one”
  • Ema- (Old German) meaning “whole”
  • Gia- (Italian) meaning “God’s gracious gift”
  • Ida- (German) meaning “hard-working”
  • Ila- (Scottish) meaning “island”
  • Isa- (Hebrew) meaning “salvation of God, strong-willed”
  • Iva- (Slavic) meaning “God is gracious”
  • Jem- (English/Latin) meaning “supplant”
  • Lia- (Greek) meaning “bearer of good news”
  • Mei- (Chinese) meaning “plum, beautiful”
  • Viv- (Latin) meaning “alive”

Common 3 Letter Girl Names

  • Ali- (Muslim/Arabic) meaning “supreme”
  • Ana- (Spanish) meaning “grace”
  • Ann- (Latin) meaning “grace”
  • Jan- (Hebrew) meaning “God is gracious”
  • Joy- (Latin) meaning “joy”
  • Liz- (Hebrew) meaning “God is my oath”
  • Lou- (German) meaning “warrior”
  • Luz- (Spanish/Portuguese) meaning “light”
  • Meg- (Greek) meaning “pearl”
  • Mia- (Hebrew) meaning “mine”
  • Noa- (Hebrew) meaning “motion”
  • Pam- (Greek) meaning “honey”
  • Sam- (Hebrew) meaning “told by God”
  • Tia- (Spanish/Greek) meaning “princess”
  • Zoe- (Greek) meaning “life”

Famous 3 Letter Girl Names

  • Amy- as in the award-winning actress Amy Adams; meaning: ” beloved”
  • Dua- as in the singer, songwriter, and model Dua Lipa; meaning “prayer”
  • Eva- as in the beautiful actresses Eva Langoria or Mendez; meaning “life”
  • Gal- as in our Woman Woman Gal Gadot; meaning “wave”
  • Gio- as in the daughter of Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine; meaning “lord is gracious”
  • Kim- do I even need to explain this one? Of course none other than Kim Kardashian; meaning “gold”
  • Liv- as in the daughter of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte; meaning “life”
  • Mae- as in the daughter of Lizzie McGuire’s Hilary Duff; meaning “pearl”
  • Mel- as in the Spice Girl Mel B; meaning “smooth or dark”
  • Mýa- as in the singer-songwriter Mýa; meaning “great”
  • Pia- as in the daughter of Disney Channel’s David Henrie; meaning ” from Mount Olympus”
  • Sia- as in the award-winning singer-songwriter Sia Furler; meaning “victory”

Nature Inspired Three Letter Girl Names

  • Ava- (Latin) meaning “life, water, bird”
  • Aya- (Japanese) meaning “bird, colorful”
  • Deb- (Hebrew) meaning “bee”
  • Doe- (English) meaning “female deer”
  • Ela- (Aramaic) meaning “oak”
  • Flo- (Latin) meaning “flowering, blossoming”
  • Fox- (English) meaning “fox”
  • Gen- (Japanese) meaning “spring”
  • Ivy- (English) meaning “climbing vine plant”
  • Jay- (Latin) meaning “jay bird”
  • Kai- (Hawaiian) meaning “sea”
  • Kia- (African) meaning “beginning of season”
  • Lea- (Hebrew) meaning “meadow”
  • Lee- (English) meaning “meadow”
  • Lil- (English) meaning “lily flower”
  • Mar- (Spanish) meaning “sea”
  • Rae- (English) meaning “ewe”
  • Ren- (Japanese) meaning “lotus, water”
  • Ria- (English) meaning “river”
  • Sea- (Old English) meaning “ocean”
  • Sky- (Scandinavian) meaning “sky”
  • Sol- (Hebrew/Spanish) meaning “sun”
  • Sue- (English) meaning “lily”
  • Val- (English) meaning “from the valley”

Mythology Inspired Three Letter Girl Names

  • Bec- (Irish Mythology) meaning “small”
  • Bia- (Greek Mythology) meaning “power or force”
  • Dia- (Ancient Greek) meaning “heavenly or divine”
  • Eos- (Greek Mythology) meaning “Goddess of Dawn”
  • Ino- (Greek Mythology) meaning “mortal queen of Boeotia”
  • Lua- (Roman Mythology) meaning “goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons”
  • Nyx- (Greek Mythology) meaning “goddess of the night”
  • Pan- (Greek Mythology) meaning “to protect or shepherd”
  • Pax- (Roman Mythology) meaning “goddess of peace”
  • Siv- (Norse mythology) meaning “wife of the God Thor” 
  • Syn- (Norse mythology) meaning “guardian of the gates”
  • Uma- (Hindu goddess) meaning “nation, light, or peace”

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