347 BEST 4 Letter Boy Names [Ultimate List]

347 BEST 4 Letter Boy Names With Meaning

Want to know some of the best 4 letter boy names?

Something about this particular length of name is just so appealing and aesthetic. Personally, I really like the fact that they’re not too long nor too short.

Four letter boy names have been so popular nowadays, and for girl names too. It’s no surprise that names like Liam and Noah seem to always appear in the top 100 boy names each year.

However, did you know that rare and unique 4 letter boy names are also dominating the charts??

I mean look at the fact that unique names like Arlo and Finn are growing in popularity!

So whether you’re looking for a rare or a common four letter name for your baby boy, this is the list for you!

So without further ado, let’s jump right into our list!

Complete List of 4 Letter Boy Names in Alphabetical Order

Starting in A

Abel– (Hebrew) meaning “breath”
Adam– (Hebrew) meaning “man, son of the red Earth”
Adan– (Hebrew) meaning “Earth or fire”
Aden– (Irish) meaning “little fire”
Adil– (Arabic) meaning “righteous or fair”
Agon– (Greek) meaning “competition”
Aion– (Greek) meaning “eternity, time”
Ajax– (Greek) meaning “eagle”
Alan– (English) meaning “little rock”
Aldo– (Italian) meaning “noble, old, wise one”
Alec– (English) meaning “defender of people”
Alen– (Old German) meaning “precious”
Alex– (Latin/Greek) meaning “defender of men”
Alto– (Latin) meaning “high”
Amal– (Hebrew/Arabic) meaning “hope”
Aman– (Arabic) meaning “honest or faithful”
Ames– (French) meaning “friend”
Amir– (Muslim) meaning “prince”
Amon– (Irish) meaning “teacher, protector”
Amos– (Hebrew) meaning “to carry”
Andy– (English) meaning “manly”
Ares– (Greek/Latin) meaning “ruin”
Argo– (Greek) meaning “silver”
Arie– (Hebrew) meaning “lion of God”
Arif– (Arabic) meaning “knowledgeable, wise, educated”
Ario– (Spanish) meaning “belligerent, fierce”
Ariz– (Muslim) meaning “strong”
Arlo– (Irish/English) meaning “between two hills”
Aron– (Hebrew) meaning “teaching”
Avin– (Hindi) meaning “attractive, beauty”
Axel– (Scandinavian) meaning “my father is peace”

Starting in B

Babe– (Greek) meaning “baby”
Bart– (German, Hebrew) meaning “son of Talmai”
Bear– (German) meaning “brave and strong as a bear”
Beau– (French) meaning “breath”
Bert– (German) meaning “bright”
Bill– (English) meaning “protection”
Blue– (English) meaning “strength and determination”
Bode– (German) meaning “messenger”
Bolt– (English) meaning “chiefly West Country”
Boor– (Old English) meaning “boar”
Boyd– (Scottish) meaning “blond”
Brad– (English) meaning “wide meadow”
Bram– (Scottish/Irish) meaning “bramble”
Bran– (Welsh) meaning “raven or crow”
Brio– (Italian) meaning “vivacity”
Buck– (English) meaning “deer, cowboy”
Budd– (English) meaning “brother”
Buri– (Old Norse) meaning “son”

Starting in C

Cade– (English) meaning “round”
Cain– (Hebrew) meaning “spear”
Carl– (German) meaning “free man”
Cash– (Latin) meaning “hollow”
Cayo– (Spanish) meaning “rejoice”
Chad– (English) meaning “warrior, protector”
Char– (Old German) meaning “charm, free man”
Chaz– (Old English) meaning “free man”
Cian– (Irish) meaning “ancient”
Clay– (German/English) meaning “to stick together”
Cody– (English) meaning “helpful”
Cole– (English) meaning “victory of the people”
Colt– (English) meaning “young horse”
Cove– (English) meaning “small bay”
Crew– (Latin) meaning “chariot”
Cris– (Greek) meaning “bearing Christ”
Cruz– (Spanish/Portuguese) meaning “cross”
Curt– (Latin) meaning “courteous”

Starting in D

Dagr– (Old Norse) meaning “day”
Dale– (Old English) meaning “valley”
Dane– (Scandinavian) meaning “God is my judge”
Dani– (Hebrew) meaning “God is my judge”
Dash– (English) meaning “from the ash”
Dave– (Hebrew) meaning “beloved”
Davy– (Hebrew) meaning “beloved”
Dean– (English) meaning “valley”
Dede– (Welsh) meaning “sorrowful”
Deon– (American) meaning “God”
Desi– (Spanish) meaning “desired”
Dick– (German) meaning “dominant ruler”
Dino– (Italian) meaning “little sword”
Dinu– (Romanian) meaning “Greek god of wine”
Dion– (Greek) meaning “child of heaven”
Dior– (French) meaning “golden”
Doug– (Gaelic/Scottish) meaning “black river”
Drew– (Old Greek) meaning “courageous, brave”
Duke– (Irish) meaning “leader”

Starting in E

Earl– (British) meaning “nobleman”
Echo– (Greek) meaning “reflecting sound”
Eddy– (Old English) meaning “wealthy spear or guardian”
Eden– (Hebrew) meaning “place of pleasure or delight”
Edge– (American) meaning “border”
Elie– (Hebrew/French) meaning “God is my help”
Elio– (Spanish) meaning “sun”
Elmo– (Italian) meaning “protector”
Eloi– (Spanish) meaning “the chosen”
Elon– (Hebrew) meaning “oak tree”
Emil– (German) meaning “rival or to strive”
Emir– (Arabic) meaning “ruler or prince”
Emry– (English) meaning “industrious, hardworking”
Enzo– (Italian) meaning “one in charge or rules the home”
Eren– (Turkish) meaning “saint”
Eric– (Old Norse) meaning “forever ruler”
Erik– (Old Norse) meaning “forever ruler”
Eros– (Greek) meaning “passion, love”
Eryx– (Greek) meaning “eagle”boxer
Esai– (Hebrew) meaning “God is salvation”
Evan– (Welsh) meaning “the lord is gracious and merciful”
Ewan– (Scottish/Irish) meaning “born of yew, of the mountain, young, God’s gift”
Ezio– (Greek) meaning “eagle”
Ezra– (Hebrew) meaning “helper”

Starting in F

Finn– (Irish) meaning “fair or white”
Fitz– (Scottish) meaning “son of”
Ford– (Old English) meaning “river crossing”
Fred– (English) meaning “peaceful ruler”

Starting in G

Gabe– (Hebrew) meaning “God is my strength”
Gael– (Gaelic) meaning “Irishman”
Gage– (French) meaning “oath”
Gary– (German) meaning “spear”
Geno– (Italian) meaning “noble or well-born”
Gino– (Italian) meaning “ever-living”
Glen– (Scottish) meaning “narrow valley”
Greg– (Greek) meaning “careful watching, vigilant”
Grey– (Old English) meaning “gray-haired”
Guss– (Scandinavian) meaning “magnificent, great, mighty”

Starting in H

Haan– (Dutch) meaning “rooster”
Hale– (Old English) meaning “hero”
Hank– (American) meaning “ruler of the home”
Hawk– (American) meaning “watchful”
Herc– (Greek) meaning “Hera’s glory”
Hero– (Greek) meaning “demi-god, the brave one”
Hiro– (Japanese) meaning “abundant”
Holt– (English) meaning “of the forest or woods”
Huey– (German) meaning “mind”
Hugh– (German) meaning “mind, intellect”
Hugo– (Spanish/Portuguese) meaning “mind, intellect”
Hunt– (English/Irish) meaning “to hunt”
Hyde– (English) meaning “a hide of land”

Starting in I

Iago– (Spanish) meaning “a supplanter”
Iggy– (Spanish) meaning “firey one”
Igor– (Russian) meaning “warrior”
Iker– (Basque) meaning “visitation”
Ivan– (Hebrew) meaning “God’s gracious gift”
Ivon– (English/German) meaning “archer’s bow”
Izzy– (Hebrew) meaning “God’s promise”

Starting in J

Jace– (Greek) meaning “healer”
Jack– (English) meaning “God is gracious”
Jago– (Cornish, Spanish) meaning “supplanter”
Jake– (Hebrew) meaning “supplanter”
Jarl– (Latin) meaning “nobleman”
Jaxx– (English) meaning “son of Jack, God has been gracious”
Jazz– (American) meaning “style of music”
Jean– (French) meaning “Gos is gracious”
Jedd– (Hebrew) meaning “beloved of the Lord”
Jeff– (English) meaning “God peace”
Jett– (English) meaning “jet black”
Jiro– (Japanese) meaning “second son”
Joab– (Hebrew) meaning “God is the father”
Joah– (Hebrew) meaning “brother of God”
Joan– (Hebrew) meaning “God’s gracious”
Joel– (Hebrew) meaning “the Lord is God”
Joey– (Hebrew/English) meaning “God provides, God increases”
John– (Hebrew) meaning “graced by God”
Jose– (Spanish/Hebrew) meaning “God will give”
Josh– (Hebrew) meaning “Lord is salvation”
Juan– (Spanish) meaning “God is gracious”
Jude– (Greek) meaning “praised”
Jule– (French) meaning “jewel”
Julz– (unknown) meaning “creativity, spontaneity”

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Starting in K

Kane– (Irish) meaning “battlefield”
Keke– (African) meaning “mine”
Keme– (Native American) meaning “secret”
Kene– (unknown) meaning “peacemaker”
Kent– (English) meaning “coastal land”
King– (American) meaning “ruler”
Kion– (Irish) meaning “warrior”
Kiri– (Cambodian) meaning “mountain”
Kirk– (Scandinavian) meaning “church”
Knox– (Scottish) meaning “round hill”
Kobe– (Hebrew) meaning “supplanter”
Koda– (Native American) meaning “friend”
Krys– (Latin) meaning “one who follows Christ”
Kurt– (American/German) meaning “polite, courteous”
Kwan– (Korean) meaning “strong”
Kwon– (Korean) meaning “authority”
Kyle– (Scottish) meaning “narrow”
Kylo– (American) meaning “sky”
Kyro– (Arabic) meaning “victorious one”

Starting in L

Lake– (English) meaning “body of water”
Lalo– (Spanish) meaning “rich guardian”
Lane– (English) meaning “small path”
Lars– (Scandinavian) meaning “crowned with laurel”
Leif– (Scandinavian) meaning “descendant, heir”
Leon– (Spanish) meaning “lion”
Levi– (Hebrew) meaning “joined in harmony”
Levy– (Hebrew) meaning “joining”
Liam– (Irish) meaning “protector, strong-willed warrior”
Link– (English) meaning “connect”
Lino– (Latin) meaning “praise”
Lior– (Hebrew) meaning “my light”
Loki– (Scandinavian) meaning “trickster God”
Lonn– (Irish) meaning “warlike”
Luca– (Italian) meaning “bringer of light”
Luis– (German) meaning “renowned warrior”
Luke– (Greek) meaning “light giving”
Luxe– (Latin) meaning “light”
Lyle– (French) meaning “island”
Lynn– (French) meaning “living near a lake”

Starting in M

Mack– (Scottish) meaning “son on”
Mani– (Persian/Aboriginal) meaning “eternity, equal”
Mark– (Latin) meaning “warlike”
Mars– (Greek) meaning “God of war”
Matt– (Hebrew) meaning “gift of God”
Maxx– (Latin) meaning “greatest”
Mica– (Hebrew) meaning “resembling God”
Mike– (English) meaning “who is like God”
Milo– (Latin) meaning “soldier”
Ming– (Korean) meaning “bright”
Minh– (Vietnamese) meaning “bright”
Mino– (Hebrew) meaning “son of the right hand”
Miro– (Slavic) meaning “peace or world”
Mont– (French) meaning “mountain”
More– (French) meaning “dark-skinned”

Starting in N

Nash– (English) meaning “by the ash tree”
Nate– (Hebrew) meaning “God’s gift, God has given”
Navy– (English) meaning “military at sea”
Neil– (Irish) meaning “champion”
Nelo– (Greek) meaning “stone”
Nemo– (Greek) meaning “nobody”
Nero– (Latin) meaning “strong”
Newt– (English) meaning “small salamander”
Niam– (Hindi) meaning “law, or given by God”
Nick– (Greek) meaning “victory of the people”
Nico– (Greek) meaning “victory of the people”
Nilo– (Greek/Spanish) meaning “God is my judge, river, people’s victory”
Noah– (Hebrew) meaning “rest”
Noel– (French) meaning “born on Christmas”
Noor– (Muslim) meaning “light”
Norm– (American) meaning “man of the north”
Nyle– (Celtic) meaning “champion”

Starting in O

Odin– (Norse) meaning “frenzy”
Olaf– (Old Norse) meaning “ancestral heritage”
Omar– (Hebrew) meaning “eloquent”
Omni– (Latin) meaning “all”
Onyx– (English) meaning “black gemstone”
Oran– (Irish) meaning “light”
Oren– (Hebrew/Irish) meaning “pine tree”
Orin– (Irish) meaning “pine tree, pale”
Oslo– (Norwegian) meaning “meadow beneath the hill”
Otis– (German) meaning “wealth”
Otto– (German) meaning “wealth”
Owen– (Welsh) meaning “young warrior”
Ozzy– (German) meaning “God’s power”

Starting in P

Paco– (Spanish) meaning “free”
Park– (English) meaning “of the forest”
Paul– (Latin) meaning “small”
Penn– (English) meaning “lives by the hill”
Pete– (English) meaning “rock”
Phil– (Greek) meaning “one who loves horses”
Poet– (English) meaning “one who crafts poetry”

Starting in Q

Quil– (English) meaning “plume, feather”
Quin– (Celtic) meaning “head, wise”
Quon– (Chinese) meaning “bright”

Starting in R

Rafe– (English) meaning “wolf counsel”
Rain– (English) meaning “blessings from above”
Ralf– (German) meaning “counsel”
Raul– (Spanish) meaning “wolf counsel”
Reed– (English) meaning “red”
Rees– (Welsh) meaning “fiery”
Reid– (English) meaning “red-haired”
Remi– (French) meaning “oarsman”
Remy– (French) meaning “oarsman”
Rene– (French) meaning “rebirth”
Rhys– (Welsh) meaning “passion”
Rick– (Norwegian) meaning “brave ruler”
Rico– (Spanish) meaning “strong, dominant ruler”
Rigo– (Hungarian) meaning “black bird”
Roan– (Gaelic) meaning “small red-head”
Robb– (German) meaning “having bright fame”
Rock– (American) meaning “Stone”
Rome– (Italian) meaning “city of Rome”
Rook– (English) meaning “crow, raven”
Rory– (Irish) meaning “red king”
Ross– (Scottish) meaning “headland”
Rudy– (American) meaning “famous wolf”
Russ– (English) meaning “red”
Ryan– (Irish) meaning “little king”
Ryuu– (Japanese) meaning “Dragon”

Starting in S

Sage– (Latin) meaning “wise”
Said– (Arabic) meaning “lucky, happy”
Saif– (Arabic) meaning “sword”
Saul– (Hebrew) meaning “prayed for”
Sean– (Hebrew) meaning “God is gracious”
Seth– (Egyptian) meaning “appointed”
Shin– (Japanese) meaning “real”
Sony– (unknown) meaning “charming, gold”
Stan– (English) meaning “stony meadow”
Star– (American) meaning “star”
Stue– (English) meaning “steward or keeper”
Styx– (Greek) meaning “river of the underworld”
Suny– (Muslim) meaning “high”
Sven– (Norse) meaning “youth”

Starting in T

Tate– (Old Norse) meaning “cheerful”
Theo– (Greek) meaning “gift, God”
Thor– (Scandinavian) meaning “thunder”
Tino– (Latin) meaning “powerful”
Tito– (Latin) meaning “saved”
Toby– (Greek) meaning “God is Good”
Todd– (English) meaning “fox”
Tomi– (Japanese) meaning “rich”
Tony– (Latin) meaning “priceless one”
Trae– (French) meaning “three”
Trey– (Italian) meaning “three”
Troy– (Irish) meaning “foot soldier”
Tuan– (Vietnamese) meaning “splendid”

Starting in U

Umar– (Arabic) meaning “thriving”
Utah– (Native American) meaning “people of the mountain”

Starting in V

Vahn– (English) meaning “God is gracious”
Vale– (Latin) meaning “lives in the valley”
Veer– (Sanskrit) meaning “courageous, strong”
Vinh– (Chinese) meaning “glory”

Starting in W

Wade– (Scandinavian) meaning “to go”
Walt– (German) meaning “army commander”
Wayn– (English) meaning “wagon driver”
Wess– (Old English) meaning “western meadow”
West– (Old English) meaning “western stream”
Will– (English) meaning “protector”
Wolf– (German) meaning “traveling wolf”
Wren– (English) meaning “songbird”
Wynn– (Welsh) meaning “fair, white”

Starting in X

Xael– (Greek) meaning “from the sea”
Xyan– (English) meaning “little king”

Starting in Y

Yael– (Hebrew/Welsh) meaning “to ascend, strength of God, mountain goat”
Yoel– (Hebrew) meaning “Jehovah is the Lord”
Yvon– (French) meaning “ewe”

Starting in Z

Zach– (Hebrew) meaning “Lord has remembered”
Zack– (Hebrew) meaning “Lord has remembered”
Zaid– (Arabic) meaning “to increase”
Zain– (Hebrew) meaning “God is gracious”
Zane– (Hebrew) meaning “God is gracious”
Zayn– (Arabic) meaning “beauty and grace”
Zeck– (German) meaning “exhausting person”
Zeke– (Hebrew) meaning “God will strengthen”
Zeno– (Greek) meaning “gift of Zeus”
Zeus– (Greek) meaning “supreme, God”
Zhen– (Chinese) meaning “valuable”
Zian– (Hindi) meaning “life, strong, peace”
Zion– (Hebrew) meaning “highest point”

Unique 4 Letter Boy Names

  • Aldo
  • Avin
  • Blue
  • Bode
  • Colt
  • Edge
  • Emry
  • Hero
  • Jago
  • Jaxx
  • Kion
  • Kyro
  • Link
  • Luxe
  • Nilo
  • Nyle
  • Omni
  • Poet
  • Rook
  • Sage
  • Xyan
  • Zeno

Popular 4 Letter Boy Names

  • Arlo
  • Beau
  • Elio
  • Enzo
  • Ezra
  • Finn
  • Hugo
  • Jack
  • Jude
  • Levi
  • Liam
  • Luca
  • Knox
  • Milo
  • Nico
  • Noah
  • Otis
  • Otto
  • Owen
  • Remy
  • Rhys
  • Rory
  • Theo

Cool 4 Letter Names

  • Axel
  • Bolt
  • Cash
  • Cole
  • Cove
  • Dash
  • Fitz
  • Gage
  • Hawk
  • Holt
  • Hunt
  • Izzy
  • Keme
  • Knox
  • Kobe
  • Koda
  • Kylo
  • Kyro
  • Lino
  • Luke
  • Mars
  • Onyx
  • Rock
  • Ryuu
  • Wynn
  • Zaid

Strong 4 Letter Boy Names

  • Adam– (Hebrew) meaning “man, son of the red Earth”
  • Alec– (English) meaning “defender of people”
  • Amon– (Irish) meaning “teacher, protector”
  • Arie– (Hebrew) meaning “lion of God”
  • Ariz– (Muslim) meaning “strong”
  • Bear– (German) meaning “brave and strong as a bear”
  • Chad– (English) meaning “warrior, protector”
  • Dick– (German) meaning “dominant ruler”
  • Eric– (Old Norse) meaning “forever ruler”
  • Igor– (Russian) meaning “warrior”
  • Kane– (Irish) meaning “battlefield”
  • King– (American) meaning “ruler”
  • Kion– (Irish) meaning “warrior”
  • Kwon– (Korean) meaning “authority”
  • Kyro– (Arabic) meaning “victorious one”
  • Leon– (Spanish) meaning “lion”
  • Liam– (Irish) meaning “protector, strong-willed warrior”
  • Lonn– (Irish) meaning “warlike”
  • Mark– (Latin) meaning “warlike”
  • Mars– (Greek) meaning “God of war”
  • Milo– (Latin) meaning “soldier”
  • Nyle– (Celtic) meaning “champion”
  • Owen– (Welsh) meaning “young warrior”
  • Raul– (Spanish) meaning “wolf counsel”
  • Rick– (Norwegian) meaning “brave ruler”
  • Rico– (Spanish) meaning “strong, dominant ruler”
  • Ryuu– (Japanese) meaning “Dragon”
  • Thor– (Scandinavian) meaning “thunder”
  • Tino– (Latin) meaning “powerful”
  • Veer– (Sanskrit) meaning “courageous, strong”
  • Wolf– (German) meaning “traveling wolf”

4 Letter Boy Names Inspired by Nature

  • Adan– (Hebrew) meaning “Earth or fire”
  • Alan– (English) meaning “little rock”
  • Brad– (English) meaning “wide meadow”
  • Bran– (Welsh) meaning “raven or crow”
  • Colt– (English) meaning “young horse”
  • Dale– (Old English) meaning “valley”
  • Dean– (English) meaning “valley”
  • Elon– (Hebrew) meaning “oak tree”
  • Ezio– (Greek) meaning “eagle”
  • Haan– (Dutch) meaning “rooster”
  • Holt– (English) meaning “of the forest or woods”
  • Kylo– (American) meaning “sky”
  • Lake– (English) meaning “body of water”
  • Lyle– (French) meaning “island”
  • Lynn– (French) meaning “living near a lake”
  • Mont– (French) meaning “mountain”
  • Nash– (English) meaning “by the ash tree”
  • Newt– (English) meaning “small salamander”
  • Oren– (Hebrew/Irish) meaning “pine tree”
  • Oslo– (Norwegian) meaning “meadow beneath the hill”
  • Park– (English) meaning “of the forest”
  • Rigo– (Hungarian) meaning “black bird”
  • Todd– (English) meaning “fox”
  • Wess– (Old English) meaning “western meadow”
  • Wren– (English) meaning “songbird”
  • Xael– (Greek) meaning “from the sea”

Mythology 4 Letter Boy Names

  • Agon– (Greek Mythology) refers to the personified spirit of conflict or contest
  • Aion– (Greek Mythology) refers to the deity of time
  • Ajax– (Greek Mythology) refers to the hero and son of King Telamon of Salamis
  • Ares– (Greek Mythology) refers to the God of War
  • Argo– (Greek Mythology) refers to the ship that transported Jason and the Argonauts
  • Borr– (Norse Mythology) refers to the son of Búri
  • Buri– (Norse Mythology) refers tot he first god in Norse Mythology
  • Dagr– (Norse Mythology) refers to the personification of day
  • Eros– (Greek Mythology) refers to the god of carnal love
  • Eryx– (Greek Mythology) refers to the king of the city of Eryx; he was either the son of Aphrodite or Poseidon
  • Jarl– (Norse Mythology) refers to one who is in the noble class in the Viking age
  • Loki– (Norse Mythology) refers to the god who was a cunning trickster that changed shape
  • Mani– (Norse Mythology) refers to the moon god
  • Odin– (Norse Mythology) refers to one of the main gods; god of war and death
  • Styx(Greek Mythology) refers to one of the rivers of the underworld
  • Thor(Norse Mythology) refers to the hammer-wielding god; thunder god
  • Troy– (Greek Mythology) refers to the city that was attacked in the Trojan War
  • Zeus– (Greek Mythology) refers to the ruler of all gods; God of Sky and Thunder; chief figure of all Greek Mythology

Historical 4 Letter Boy Names

  • Babeas in the baseball legend Babe Ruth
  • Elieas in the influential writer, professor, political activist, and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel
  • Elonas in the successful CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk
  • Johnok there are so many Johns, but to name a few, there’s John Adams, John Lewis, John Lennon, the list goes on.
  • Markas in the novelist and humorist Mark Twain
  • Neilas in of course Neil Armstrong, our first astronaut to walk on the moon
  • Paulas in the American silversmith and Sons of Liberty member Paul Revere
  • Seanas in our original James Bond Sean Connery
  • Waltas in the famous poet Walt Whitman

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