150+ *BEST* Earthy Boy Names Inspired by Nature

The Ultimate List of Earthy Boy Names You’ll Obsess Over!

Looking for some cool, earthy boy names to give your baby’s name some edge? If so, then this is the list for you!

Giving your baby an earthy boy name is a really unique way to incorporate a rustic and cool vibe.

Here you’ll find LOTS of name options that are inspired by nature’s beauty such as trees, flowers, plants, animals, water and land features, weather and seasons, stones and gems, and more!

So without further ado, let’s get into the list!

This post is all about the best earthy boy names inspired by all things nature.

Tree inspired earthy boy names

Let’s start our list with earthy boy names that are inspired by gorgeous trees.

Here you’ll find some awesome name ideas and what the trees symbolize to give you more insight and background for the baby name.

  1. Alder ~an alder tree symbolizes strength or protection
  2. Alon ~meaning “oak tree”
  3. Arlo ~meaning “barberry tree” or “fortified hill”
  4. Ash ~an ash tree symbolizes connections and creativity
  5. Aspen ~an aspen tree symbolizes “purity”, “focus” or “vision”
  6. Birch ~a birch tree symbolizes rebirth or new beginnings
  7. Cedar ~a cedar tree symbolizes immortality or eternal life
  8. Coulter ~as in a coulter pine
  9. Cypress ~a cypress tree is a symbol for everlasting life
  10. Elm ~according to Celtic mythology, elm trees are associated with the Underworld
  11. Ewan ~meaning “born of the yew tree”
  12. Forrest ~a forest abundant of trees
  13. Grove ~meaning “a grove of trees”
  14. Hollis ~referring to a holly tree
  15. Kiefer ~German for a pine tree
  16. Koa ~the Hawaiian Koa Tree is depicted to be the tree of life; koa wood is a symbol of strength
  17. Lennox ~meaning “”with many elm trees”
  18. Linden ~linden trees often symbolize marital love and fidelity
  19. Marlow ~meaning “driftwood”
  20. Nash ~meaning “by the ash tree”
  21. Oak ~oak trees are a symbol of wisdom and strength
  22. Oliver ~olive trees depict peace and friendship
  23. Oren ~Hebrew for “pine”
  24. Rowan ~according to Celtic mythology, the rowan is known as the Tree of Life and symbolizes courage, wisdom and protection
  25. Spruce ~spruce trees are associated with peace and protection

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Flower and plant inspired baby boy names

If you’re more inspired by flowers and other plants for your baby’s name, here are some great name ideas that also include what the flowers and plants may represent.

  1. Adonis ~these red anemones are beautiful and are often associated with the death of Adonis, a hunter who was loved by Persephone
  2. Aloe ~the flower is a symbol of beauty, fortune, and good health
  3. Aster ~also meaning “star”; these flowers represent love, wisdom, faith, and color
  4. Bud ~referring to small buds that can lead to a flower
  5. Clem ~short for clematis flowers, which symbolize the beauty of ingenuity
  6. Corey ~short for coreopsis flowers
  7. Cosmo ~cosmo flowers symbolize order and harmony
  8. Fiore ~Italian for “flower”
  9. Huck ~referring to huckleberry
  10. Hyacinth ~symbol for peace, commitment and beauty, but also of power and pride.
  11. Jared ~Hebrew for “rose”
  12. Kamal ~Arabic for “lotus flower”
  13. Leymus ~tall tufted perennial grasses
  14. Lotem ~meaning “bush of golden flowers”
  15. Moss ~represents beauty, simplicity, humility and refinement
  16. Quincy ~meaning “from the orchard of the quince trees”
  17. Red ~can refer to “reed” or the color of bright red flowers
  18. Rhodes ~meaning “where roses grow”
  19. Rodger ~referring to rodgers flower
  20. Rosen ~meaning “rose”
  21. Zephyr ~short for zephyranthes, which symbolize rebirth

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Animal inspired boy names

A really cute idea is picking a name that is animal-inspired. Here are my top picks!

  1. Altair ~Arabic meaning “falcon”
  2. Ari ~Old Norse for “eagle”
  3. Arthur ~meaning “bear”
  4. Bear ~bears symbolize strength, family, and courage
  5. Bjorn ~Scandinavian for “bear”
  6. Callum ~Scottish for “dove”
  7. Colin ~meaning “cub”
  8. Colt ~meaning “young male horse”
  9. Crow ~crows represent transformation and change
  10. Everette ~meaning “strong boar”
  11. Gavin ~meaning “white hawk”
  12. Hawk ~hawks represent intelligence and independence
  13. Jay ~jays represent resilience, adaptability, and great adventure
  14. Jonah ~Hebrew for “dove”
  15. Leo ~Latin for “lion”
  16. Lynx ~the frisky and mischievous animal is a symbol for one’s inner child
  17. Madden ~meaning “little dog”
  18. Phoenix ~the beautiful bird represents resurrection
  19. Robin ~robins are a symbol for hope and renewal
  20. Ronan ~meaning “little seal”
  21. Roscoe ~meaning “from the deer forest”
  22. Todd ~meaning “fox”
  23. Wolf ~wolves are a symbol of loyalty and strong family ties

Land and water earthy names

These next name ideas are inspired by land features and bodies of water. They’re perfect options for a truly earthy boy name.

  1. Barrow ~topographical name for someone who lived by a hill or burial mound
  2. Bryn ~meaning “hill”
  3. Canyon ~word name for a canyon
  4. Cliff ~word name for a cliff
  5. Cove ~meaning “small bay”
  6. Erie ~inspired by Lake Erie
  7. Everest ~inspired by Mount Everest
  8. Irving ~meaning “green water” or “river”
  9. Knox ~meaning a round-topped hill
  10. Lake ~word name for a lake
  11. Marsh ~meaning “one who lives by the marshland” or “swamp”
  12. Nile ~inspired by the Nile River
  13. Ocean ~can also be spelled oceane
  14. Ridge ~super edgy name meaning “a continuous elevated mountain crest”
  15. River ~word name for a river
  16. Rocky ~word name for rocky
  17. Terran ~meaning “earth man”

Herbs and spices boy names

A unique take on an earthy boy name is choosing a name that is inspired by herbs and spices.

These names are pretty self-explanatory, so no need to go into the name’s background.

  1. Alfalfa
  2. Basil
  3. Bay
  4. Burnet
  5. Caraway
  6. Chives
  7. Clove
  8. Coriander
  9. Dill
  10. Rue
  11. Sage
  12. Sorrel
  13. Thyme
  14. Valerian
  15. Yarrow

Stones and gems baby boy names

Want a name that in spired by earth’s stones and gems?

These are some great name ideas that are totally unique for an earthy name.

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  1. Adi ~Hebrew name for “jewel”
  2. Amethyst ~February birthstone
  3. Axton ~this boy name means “swordsman’s stone
  4. Bronze ~this coppery-brown metal would add some edginess to your baby’s name
  5. Copper ~copper symbolizes healing and magic
  6. Dustin ~meaning “Thor’s stone”
  7. Flint ~the flint stone is said to bring protection and safety
  8. Granite ~granite is associated with abundance and protection
  9. Jem ~alternative spelling for “gem”
  10. Kin ~Japanese for “gold”
  11. Malachite ~often referred to as the stone of transformation
  12. Quartz ~according to Japanese myths, quartz is said to come from white dragon breath, representing purification
  13. Rubin ~male alternative to ruby
  14. Silver ~silver represents wealth and success
  15. Sterling ~referring to sterling silver
  16. Stone ~a super cool edgy boy’s name
  17. Thurston ~Old Norse for “Thor’s stone”
  18. Topaz ~November birthstone
  19. Zircon ~December birthstone

Weather and seasons baby boy names

Here are my top picks for a boy name that is inspired by weather and seasons.

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  1. Adad ~refers to the god of storm and flood
  2. August ~month of August
  3. Barak ~Hebrew for “lightning”
  4. Baran ~meaning “flood” or “rain”
  5. Blaze ~meaning “flame” or “fire”
  6. Blitz ~meaning “lightning”
  7. Bolt ~short for lightning bolt
  8. Donar ~meaning “God of Thunder”
  9. Gale ~Hebrew for “sea storm”
  10. Guntur ~means “thunder”
  11. Hanish ~means “one who forewarns storms”
  12. Raiden ~God of thunder and lightning
  13. Rain ~word name for rain
  14. Ramiel ~means “thunder of God”
  15. Sky ~can also be spelled Skye
  16. Snow ~word name for snow
  17. Sunny ~adorable name meaning sunshine
  18. Thor ~super strong name meaning “thunder”
  19. Winter ~cool word name for winter
  20. Zeus ~God of the sky and thunder
  21. Zryan ~Kurdish for storm

Other earthy boy names inspired by nature

And finally, here are some other name ideas for earthy boy names that I think you’ll love!

  1. Beaumont ~meaning beautiful hill or mountain
  2. Brent ~meaning steep hill or a high place
  3. Clay ~this is a super rich, earthy name inspired by clay material
  4. Cole ~means “charcoal”
  5. Craig ~means “rock” or “rocky”
  6. Dale ~meaning “valley”
  7. Geo ~geo means “related to earth”, what a perfect earthy name!
  8. Glen ~meaning “a narrow valley”
  9. Heath ~this name means “someone who lived at, on, or by, a moor or heath”
  10. Indigo ~an Indian blue die
  11. Leif ~alternative spelling for ‘leaf’
  12. North ~word name for north
  13. Pierce ~meaning “rock”
  14. Thorn ~word name for thorn

What are your favorite earthy boy names?? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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