125+ *Prettiest* Middle Names for Ava You’ll Adore!

The Ultimate List of Middle Names for Ava You’ll Obsess over!

Looking for totally gorgeous middle names for Ava? In today’s list, I am sharing the prettiest middle name ideas for your baby girl!

Ava is such a stylish and elegant 3 letter girl name, and when paired with the right middle name, your little girl is going to have one beautiful name!

Here you’ll find middle names for Ava that are long, short, classic, elegant, cute, and unique. The possibilities are endless.

So whatever style you’re looking for, I included the best middle names that go with Ava and aren’t too out there.

So grab your favorite pen and let’s start saving your favorite middle names for Ava!

Ava name meaning

According to BabyCenter, Ava is of Hebrew and Latin origin. In Hebrew, Ava means “life” and in Latin, Ava means “bird” or “birdlike”.

Best Middle Names for Ava

Here are my absolute favorite middle names that go with Ava from today’s list! They sound so perfect together, you just can’t go wrong with these choices!

Here are the top 10 middle names for Ava:

Ava BrookeAva Luna
Ava CelesteAva Lynn
Ava GraceAva Madison
Ava HarperAva Rose
Ava LaurenAva Quinn

Classic middle names for Ava

Want a classic and timeless middle name for your baby girl?

Here are some middle name ideas for Ava that will never go out of style!

  • Meaning: noble
  • Meaning: chaste; pure; holy
  • Meaning: voyager; blessed
  • Meaning: white
  • Meaning: free
  • Meaning: clear; white; bright
  • Meaning: maiden
  • Meaning: laurel
  • Meaning: lady
  • Meaning: riches or blessed; strife for wealth
  • Meaning: shining light
  • Meaning: God’s promise
  • Meaning: healthy
  • Meaning: hardworking
  • Meaning: star
  • Meaning: good; gospel; bearer of good news
  • Meaning: charm; goodness
  • Meaning: hazel tree
  • Meaning: supplanter
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: God increases
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: lovable
  • Meaning: help; aid; benefit
  • Meaning: weaver
  • Meaning: reborn
  • Meaning: rose flower
  • Meaning: red precious stone
  • Meaning: friend
  • Meaning: tailor
  • Meaning: goddess

Elegant middle names for Ava

Ava is one of my favorite elegant baby girl names, so naturally, it would match perfectly with a graceful and elegant middle name.

Here are some beautiful name combinations for Ava that radiate elegance.

  • Meaning: noble
  • Meaning: noble
  • Meaning: work; industrious
  • Meaning: resurrection
  • Meaning: divinely beautiful
  • Meaning: noble strength
  • Meaning: dawn
  • Meaning: heavenly
  • Meaning: clear; bright
  • Meaning: heart
  • Meaning: gift of God
  • Meaning: loved; esteemed; beloved
  • Meaning: loyalty
  • Meaning: woman of the family
  • Meaning: blessed ring
  • Meaning: maiden; innocent
  • Meaning: pure
  • Meaning: laurel plant
  • Meaning: delicate
  • Meaning: my God has answered
  • Meaning: famous warrior
  • Meaning: pearl
  • Meaning: star of the sea
  • Meaning: miracle; gracious; dear one
  • Meaning: gentle strength
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: olive tree
  • Meaning: wise
  • Meaning: lovely rose
  • Meaning: wisdom
  • Meaning: purple; violet flower
  • Meaning: protection

Cute middle names for Ava

If you’re looking for a more sweet and cute middle name, here are some middle name ideas that will steal your heart!

  • Meaning: bringer of happiness; blessed
  • Meaning: small stream
  • Meaning: merciful
  • Meaning: daisy flower
  • Meaning: one who plays the harp
  • Meaning: expectation; dawn
  • Meaning: pretty
  • Meaning: happiness
  • Meaning: boomerang
  • Meaning: purple flowering plant
  • Meaning: joy
  • Meaning: lily flower
  • Meaning: island of linden trees
  • Meaning: sorrows
  • Meaning: famous warrior
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: moon
  • Meaning: lake; waterfall
  • Meaning: woman of Magdala; son of Matthew
  • Meaning: pearl
  • Meaning: song
  • Meaning: mine
  • Meaning: who resembles God
  • Meaning: industrious; gentle strength
  • Meaning: of the sea; intellect
  • Meaning: olive tree
  • Meaning: precious stone
  • Meaning: red poppy flower
  • Meaning: red
  • Meaning: peaceful
  • Meaning: sky; cloud
  • Meaning: life

Unique middle names for Ava

Maybe you want a middle name that’s not overused.

Here are some uncommon and unique middle names that would make your baby girl’s name totally stand out!

  • Meaning: goddess of wisdom
  • Meaning: black; bright
  • Meaning: pipe; canal
  • Meaning: good victory
  • Meaning: stone of the side
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: happy; joy; member of German tribe
  • Meaning: cheerful
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: protection
  • Meaning: songbird
  • Meaning: night
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • Meaning: vegetation
  • Meaning: circling sea; bright
  • Meaning: victory of the people
  • Meaning: Christmas
  • Meaning: word name for northern direction
  • Meaning: keeper of the park
  • Meaning: lover of horses
  • Meaning: living near plum tree
  • Meaning: blessings from above
  • Meaning: little king
  • Meaning: hear; listen
  • Meaning: word name for snow
  • Meaning: of the springtime
  • Meaning: willow tree
  • Meaning: time of water; of the wintertime
  • Meaning: small brown songbird

Best short middle names for Ava

  • Ava Rose
  • Ava Lou
  • Ava Hope
  • Ava Faye
  • Ava Ruth
  • Ava Jane
  • Ava Claire
  • Ava Quinn
  • Ava Joy
  • Ava Rain

Best long middle names for Ava

  • Ava Madison
  • Ava Emmeline
  • Ava Beatrice
  • Ava Anastacia
  • Ava Rosalind
  • Ava Josephine
  • Ava Evangeline
  • Ava Genevieve
  • Ava Lavender
  • Ava Serenity

How to pick a middle name for Ava

If I were trying to find the perfect middle name for my baby, here are the the main things I’d want to consider:


How does the meaning of the middle name you’re eyeing complement with Ava’s name meaning?

Do you want the full name to mean something special or is the meaning not a deciding factor?


The good news here is that since Ava is a two-syllable name with only three letters, there’s pretty much no limit as to how long or short a good middle name would be!

You can pair Ava with a short or a longer middle name, and it’d sound beautiful either way!


Do you want a middle name that is more classic and traditional? Or are you looking for a more cool and unique middle name?

Think about the vibe or style you want as you’re narrowing down your search.

Family Tree

Think of family members who have meant a great deal to you or your partner. Some couples choose to honor those family members by choosing their name for their baby’s middle name.

Is this something you’d like to do with your baby’s name as well?


My only point here is to be careful about your baby’s initials once you have a full name picked out. Just be sure the initials don’t accidentally spell out anything weird (it can happen!).


Finally, if you love nicknames and are planning to incorporate the middle name into it, then obviously the middle name will have to be something that will yield a perfectly adorable nickname for Ava!

Nicknames for Ava

Yes, Ava is short and sweet name, but there are actually some super cute nicknames out there you could use!

Some of my favorites include:

  • Avy
  • A-V
  • Ave
  • Va
  • Vee
  • Ava Boo
  • Lady Ava
  • Lady A
  • Baby Avy

First name for Ava

Ava would also make a fantastic middle name.

If you like this idea as well, here are some first names that go with middle name Ava.

  • Lillian Ava
  • Emmeline Ava
  • Vivienne Ava
  • Charlotte Ava
  • Julia Ava
  • Isabel Ava
  • Victoria Ava
  • Brielle Ava
  • Josephine Ava
  • Penelope Ava
  • Rhea Ava
  • Brooke Ava
  • Laura Ava
  • Evelyn Ava
  • Mila Ava

Sibling names that go with Ava

I don’t know about you, but I love picking out sibling baby names that sound perfect together.

If you want some sibling name ideas for Ava, here are some totally cute boy and girl names that pair perfectly!

Boy names that go with Ava (for brother)

  1. Ava & Julian
  2. Ava & Ezra
  3. Ava & Theo
  4. Ava & Graham
  5. Ava & Liam
  6. Ava & Noah
  7. Ava & Lucas
  8. Ava & Matthew
  9. Ava & Jonah
  10. Ava & Elliot
  11. Ava & Leo
  12. Ava & James

Girl names that go with Ava (for sister)

  1. Ava & Maya
  2. Ava & Sophia
  3. Ava & Lila
  4. Ava & Eden
  5. Ava & Elise
  6. Ava & Grace
  7. Ava & Phoebe
  8. Ava & Charlotte
  9. Ava & Haley
  10. Ava & Lola
  11. Ava & Faith
  12. Ava & Olive

What are your favorite middle name ideas for Ava? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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125+ *Prettiest* Middle Names for Ava You’ll Adore!

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