150+ Middle Names for Harper *BEST LIST*

Fall in Love With These BEST Middle Names for Harper

Looking for some perfect middle names for Harper? Well here I have compiled the perfect list for you!

I love all things baby names, and creating this list was so much fun, especially because the name Harper is just so pretty and unique.

Harper has been growing so much in popularity, and finding the best middle name can be pretty tricky.

Lucky for you, I made sure to only include the most *gorgeous* middle names that go well with Harper that are elegant, modern, classic, and cute.

So whatever style of middle name you’re going for, this is the list for you!

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Harper name meaning

According to VeryWellFamily, Harper derives from the word “harp”, giving the name its meaning- “someone who plays the harp.” The name Harper is of Irish, Scottish and English origin.

Harper was traditionally known as a last name but has gained popularity in the past couple of decades as a first name.

Best middle names for Harper

These are my absolute faves from today’s list.

I’m literally obsessed!

Harper AveryHarper Lynn
Harper CoveHarper Mae
Harper DixieHarper Noa
Harper EmmyHarper Quinn
Harper JudeHarper Sage

Elegant middle names for Harper

These are among the most classy and elegant middle names that go with Harper perfectly!

  1. Harper Alessia
  2. Harper Amara
  3. Harper Amelia
  4. Harper Amelie
  5. Harper Annabella
  6. Harper Astrid
  7. Harper Aurora
  8. Harper Azalea
  9. Harper Blythe
  10. Harper Brielle
  11. Harper Camilla
  12. Harper Charlotte
  13. Harper Claire
  14. Harper Clara
  15. Harper Danielle
  16. Harper Diane
  17. Harper Elle
  18. Harper Eloise
  19. Harper Emilia
  20. Harper Emmeline
  21. Harper Erin
  22. Harper Esme
  23. Harper Faye
  24. Harper Gwen
  25. Harper Isabella
  26. Harper Joan
  27. Harper Joelle
  28. Harper Jude
  29. Harper Odette
  30. Harper Olivia
  31. Harper Paige
  32. Harper Rylan
  33. Harper Sloane
  34. Harper Sophia
  35. Harper Viola
  36. Harper Violet
  37. Harper Vivienne
  38. Harper Zaira

Modern middle names for Harper

Looking for a more modern middle name? These middle name ideas sound great for baby Harper!

  1. Harper Addison
  2. Harper Anya
  3. Harper Aria
  4. Harper Ava
  5. Harper Avery
  6. Harper Ayla
  7. Harper Brynn
  8. Harper Cadence
  9. Harper Cove
  10. Harper Demi
  11. Harper Eden
  12. Harper Emery
  13. Harper Grey
  14. Harper Haven
  15. Harper Ivy
  16. Harper Jade
  17. Harper Kennedy
  18. Harper Luna
  19. Harper Lux
  20. Harper Mae
  21. Harper Maeve
  22. Harper Maisie
  23. Harper Maya
  24. Harper Mila
  25. Harper Nova
  26. Harper Oakley
  27. Harper Phoenix
  28. Harper Quinn
  29. Harper Rayne
  30. Harper Remi
  31. Harper Rowan
  32. Harper Sage
  33. Harper Sawyer
  34. Harper Shaye
  35. Harper Shine
  36. Harper Skye
  37. Harper Thea
  38. Harper Wren

Classic and traditional middle names for Harper

These middle names are timeless, classic, and traditional. They will never go out of style, so you just can’t go wrong!

  1. Harper Alice
  2. Harper Anna
  3. Harper Beatrice
  4. Harper Beth
  5. Harper Bridget
  6. Harper Cecilia
  7. Harper Celeste
  8. Harper Cora
  9. Harper Dawn
  10. Harper Dolores
  11. Harper Donna
  12. Harper Edith
  13. Harper Eileen
  14. Harper Elizabeth
  15. Harper Eunice
  16. Harper Felicity
  17. Harper Flora
  18. Harper Florence
  19. Harper Georgia
  20. Harper Gladys
  21. Harper Glenda
  22. Harper Grace
  23. Harper Irene
  24. Harper Jean
  25. Harper Kate
  26. Harper Laine
  27. Harper Lilian
  28. Harper Lois
  29. Harper Lucy
  30. Harper Lynette
  31. Harper Mabel
  32. Harper Meredith
  33. Harper Mona
  34. Harper Rose
  35. Harper Sara
  36. Harper Sibyl

Cute middle names for Harper

Who doesn’t love a middle name that just sounds sweet and cute? These names are perfect!

  1. Harper Bella
  2. Harper Brea
  3. Harper Chloe
  4. Harper Daisy
  5. Harper Darcie
  6. Harper Dee
  7. Harper Dixie
  8. Harper Ellie
  9. Harper Elyse
  10. Harper Emmy
  11. Harper Evie
  12. Harper Faye
  13. Harper Fleur
  14. Harper Haley
  15. Harper Jane
  16. Harper Jewel
  17. Harper Joy
  18. Harper Lacey
  19. Harper Leigh
  20. Harper Lily
  21. Harper Linda
  22. Harper Liv
  23. Harper Love
  24. Harper Lucie
  25. Harper Lynn
  26. Harper Marie
  27. Harper Nadine
  28. Harper Noa
  29. Harper Noelle
  30. Harper Olive
  31. Harper Poppy
  32. Harper Reese
  33. Harper Rosie
  34. Harper Scout
  35. Harper Star
  36. Harper Val
  37. Harper Winnie
  38. Harper Zoe

Nicknames for Harper

Looking for cute nickname ideas for Harper? Any of the following would make great nicknames for your baby girl!

  • Harp
  • Harpie
  • Harpy
  • Harps
  • Harpsie
  • Hart

How to decide on a middle name

Finding the perfect middle name can be just as time consuming as finding a first name!

Here are some important things to consider when trying to pick the perfect middle name for your baby.

Say the name out loud

Seeing the name written is one thing, but one of my biggest tips is to say the first and middle names together out loud to be 100% sure you love the two names together.

You may love the first name and the middle name individually, but to be honest, sometimes even the prettiest of names don’t always create the best name combinations. They just don’t end up working well together.

So say the full name out loud. If the names don’t really sound right together or if you’re not in love with how the names sound together, then you might want to reconsider finding a different middle name.

The meaning

Consider the meaning of both the first and the middle name. How do the meanings come together? If you’re someone who loves to know the meanings of names, then this tip might be important for you to take note of.

Also consider whether you want to honor someone important or special in your life through your baby’s middle name. Do you want the significance of your baby’s middle name to be a remembrance of a family member?

The theme

Does your baby’s first name have a boho, modern, southern, traditional, or chic vibe? Do you want the middle name to match or do you want to mix match styles?

The length

Depending on the length of the first name, you’re either going to be leaning towards a longer or shorter middle name.

Some names sound great with a short and sweet middle name whereas with other names, a longer middle name is more suited.

What first name goes with Harper?

If you’re interested in maybe having Harper as the middle name instead, here are some first names that sound good with Harper as the middle name.

  • Elizabeth Harper
  • Ella Harper
  • Lena Harper
  • Bria Harper
  • Aimee Harper
  • Jessica Harper
  • Vivienne Harper
  • Evelyn Harper
  • Brynn Harper
  • Alli Harper
  • Jada Harper
  • Eleanor Harper
  • Adeline Harper
  • Winnie Harper
  • Emily Harper

Sibling names for Harper

If you’re a planner like me, then you might already be thinking of sibling names for baby Harper. Here are some of the best name choices that go well with Harper!

Girl names to go with Harper

  • Olivia
  • Ellie
  • Reagan
  • Willow
  • Madison
  • Riley
  • Emma
  • Ava
  • Peyton
  • Willa

Boy names to go with Harper

  • Dylan
  • Jackson
  • Liam
  • Landon
  • Jack
  • Gavin
  • Luke
  • Jude
  • Ezra
  • Felix

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Middle Names for Harper

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