250+ Middle Names for Luca [Modern and Trendy]

Find the BEST Middle Name for Luca in this List of Over 250 Middle Name Ideas!

Looking for the perfect middle name for your baby Luca? Luca is one of my FAVORITE baby boy names, so I definitely had a lot of fun compiling this list! End your search today with this ultimate list of the best Luca name combinations.

As a short, two syllable name, adding a middle name to Luca is a great idea!

It has a cute and modern feel to the name, and let me tell you that there are TONS of middle names that pair well with first name Luca.

If you’re looking for a modern, unique, classic, cute, popular, or even an Italian or Spanish middle name for Luca, this list has it all!

Also, be sure to stick around for some of my best tips for picking out the perfect middle name for your baby boy.

So if you’re ready, let’s dive right in!

Luca name meaning

According to VeryWellFamily, the name Luca means “bringer of light” and is of Latin and Italian origin.

Luca has been such a trending name in recent years, especially after the release of Disney and Pixar’s Luca. Families everywhere just fell in love with the name!

Best middle names for Luca

Take a peek into today’s list with my top 10 favorite middle names that go with Luca.

I’m simply obsessed with these adorable Luca name combinations.

Luca AndrésLuca Mason
Luca AsherLuca Oliver
Luca EastonLuca Rhys
Luca ElliotLuca Ryder
Luca HenryLuca Wyatt

Modern middle names for Luca

Luca is more on the modern side of baby names, so if you are looking for a middle name that also has that modern style, here are some of my favorite modern middle names that sounds great with Luca!

  1. Luca Aiden
  2. Luca Ash
  3. Luca Asher
  4. Luca Ashton
  5. Luca Atlas
  6. Luca Auggie
  7. Luca Bear
  8. Luca Brooks
  9. Luca Caleb
  10. Luca Callum
  11. Luca Colton
  12. Luca Easton
  13. Luca Elliot
  14. Luca Ezra
  15. Luca Finn
  16. Luca Forrest
  17. Luca Gage
  18. Luca Grayson
  19. Luca Holden
  20. Luca Hudson
  21. Luca Jaxon
  22. Luca Jett
  23. Luca Jonah
  24. Luca Josiah
  25. Luca Kingston
  26. Luca Knox
  27. Luca Landon
  28. Luca Liam
  29. Luca Lincoln
  30. Luca Maverick
  31. Luca Miles
  32. Luca Milo
  33. Luca Otis
  34. Luca Phoenix
  35. Luca Remi
  36. Luca River
  37. Luca Ryder
  38. Luca Sawyer
  39. Luca Willow
  40. Luca Zander

Classic middle names for Luca

Looking for a middle name that is more classic and timeless? These classic middle names will never go out of style, and they work perfectly with the name Luca.

  1. Luca Aaron
  2. Luca Adam
  3. Luca Andrew
  4. Luca Anthony
  5. Luca Benjamin
  6. Luca Bradley
  7. Luca Daniel
  8. Luca David
  9. Luca Dean
  10. Luca Donald
  11. Luca Frank
  12. Luca Gabriel
  13. Luca George
  14. Luca Harry
  15. Luca Henry
  16. Luca Jack
  17. Luca Jacob
  18. Luca James
  19. Luca John
  20. Luca Jordan
  21. Luca Mark
  22. Luca Martin
  23. Luca Matthew
  24. Luca Michael
  25. Luca Nathan
  26. Luca Paul
  27. Luca Peter
  28. Luca Phillip
  29. Luca Robert
  30. Luca Ryan
  31. Luca Samuel
  32. Luca Scott
  33. Luca Sean
  34. Luca Simon
  35. Luca Steven
  36. Luca Thomas
  37. Luca Vincent
  38. Luca Warren
  39. Luca Will
  40. Luca Zach

Cool and Popular middle names for Luca

Want your baby to have the coolest name? Not only do these middle names sound awesome with Luca, but they are among the most popular and trending names, so you know they’re winners with the crowd!

  1. Luca Beau
  2. Luca Bennett
  3. Luca Benson
  4. Luca Boden
  5. Luca Bryce
  6. Luca Caden
  7. Luca Carter
  8. Luca Cash
  9. Luca Chase
  10. Luca Colt
  11. Luca Crew
  12. Luca Deacon
  13. Luca Elias
  14. Luca Enzo
  15. Luca Ethan
  16. Luca Ford
  17. Luca Gavin
  18. Luca Jayden
  19. Luca Justice
  20. Luca Lake
  21. Luca Ledger
  22. Luca Lennox
  23. Luca Leo
  24. Luca Levi
  25. Luca Logan
  26. Luca Mason
  27. Luca Moses
  28. Luca Noah
  29. Luca Nolan
  30. Luca Psalm
  31. Luca Reign
  32. Luca Rex
  33. Luca Roman
  34. Luca Sparrow
  35. Luca Storm
  36. Luca Thor
  37. Luca Titus
  38. Luca Tripp
  39. Luca Vaughn
  40. Luca Wyatt
  41. Luca Zion

Creative and unique middle names for Luca

Looking for a middle name that is totally unique and creative? These middle names for Luca are way different than other names from this list. They will make your baby’s name stand out from the rest!

  1. Luca Albie
  2. Luca Anders
  3. Luca Avi
  4. Luca Braylon
  5. Luca Caius
  6. Luca Cosmo
  7. Luca Dalton
  8. Luca Dante
  9. Luca Dax
  10. Luca Eagan
  11. Luca Fitz
  12. Luca Hendrix
  13. Luca Henley
  14. Luca Izaak
  15. Luca Jace
  16. Luca Jax
  17. Luca Jericho
  18. Luca Kai
  19. Luca Kendric
  20. Luca Kent
  21. Luca Leighton
  22. Luca Lex
  23. Luca Maddox
  24. Luca Mars
  25. Luca Meyer
  26. Luca Milton
  27. Luca Orion
  28. Luca Orson
  29. Luca Parkin
  30. Luca Penn
  31. Luca Pike
  32. Luca Riggs
  33. Luca Scout
  34. Luca Silas
  35. Luca Ty
  36. Luca Wilder
  37. Luca Wolf
  38. Luca Zane
  39. Luca Zeke
  40. Luca Zyair

Cute middle names for Luca

Luca is an adorable baby boy’s name, so finding a cute middle name just makes sense. The following middle names are both cute and subtle, perfect for your precious, adorable son.

  1. Luca Andy
  2. Luca Angel
  3. Luca Arthur
  4. Luca Avery
  5. Luca Basil
  6. Luca Benji
  7. Luca Benny
  8. Luca Blake
  9. Luca Bohdi
  10. Luca Bradley
  11. Luca Brody
  12. Luca Charlie
  13. Luca Christopher
  14. Luca Connor
  15. Luca Dallas
  16. Luca Dash
  17. Luca Franklin
  18. Luca Gabe
  19. Luca Grey
  20. Luca Hugh
  21. Luca Ian
  22. Luca Jack
  23. Luca Jasper
  24. Luca Jude
  25. Luca Lee
  26. Luca Nate
  27. Luca Oliver
  28. Luca Parker
  29. Luca Prince
  30. Luca Quinn
  31. Luca Rhys
  32. Luca Riley
  33. Luca Robin
  34. Luca Shane
  35. Luca Tucker
  36. Luca Tyler
  37. Luca Uri
  38. Luca Weston
  39. Luca William
  40. Luca Zachary

Italian and Spanish middle names for Luca

Since Luca is of Italian and Latin origin, it’s a perfect idea to find a middle name that is in Italian or even Spanish. The following are my favorite middle names that actually sound in these languages and will still work in English!

  1. Luca Adrian
  2. Luca Agustín
  3. Luca Alessandro
  4. Luca Alessio
  5. Luca Alberto
  6. Luca Alejandro
  7. Luca Alfredo
  8. Luca Alonzo
  9. Luca Amador
  10. Luca Andrea
  11. Luca Andrés
  12. Luca Antonio
  13. Luca Amador
  14. Luca Armando
  15. Luca Arsenio
  16. Luca Benito
  17. Luca Camilo
  18. Luca Carlo
  19. Luca Carlos
  20. Luca Cesar
  21. Luca Cielo
  22. Luca Cruz
  23. Luca Darío
  24. Luca Elías
  25. Luca Eliseo
  26. Luca Emilio
  27. Luca Emmanuel
  28. Luca Enrico
  29. Luca Enrique
  30. Luca Félix
  31. Luca Fernando
  32. Luca Francisco
  33. Luca Franco
  34. Luca Gerardo
  35. Luca Gonzalo
  36. Luca Jaime
  37. Luca Jesus
  38. Luca Joel
  39. Luca Leandro
  40. Luca Leonardo
  41. Luca Lorenzo
  42. Luca Manuel
  43. Luca Marcelo
  44. Luca Marcos
  45. Luca Martín
  46. Luca Mateo
  47. Luca Miguel
  48. Luca Octavio
  49. Luca Pedro
  50. Luca Rey
  51. Luca Ricardo
  52. Luca Romeo
  53. Luca Rubén
  54. Luca Salvador
  55. Luca Samuel
  56. Luca Santino
  57. Luca Santiago
  58. Luca Sebastián
  59. Luca Sol
  60. Luca Xavier

Nicknames for Luca

First things first, let’s talk about some cute nicknames you can use for baby Luca. Here are some of the best nicknames that aren’t too out there:

  • Luke
  • Lu
  • Lou
  • Luki
  • Lukey
  • Lu Bear

How to decide on a middle name

It’s okay if you’re not sure what you’re looking for as a middle name for your baby boy.

The truth is, finding a middle name can be just as tedious as finding a first name! There are so many approaches you can take for deciding on a middle name.

For example, do you want the middle name to have a certain meaning or origin? Do you want to honor someone significant in your life? Do you want a long or short middle name?

Use these tips to help you find your perfect middle name for Luca!

  1. Sound: Consider how the first and middle names sound together. Say the two names out loud. If you’re not in love with the full name after saying it out loud, then this might be a sign to keep searching.
  2. Length: Depending on the first name, you might want to consider the length of the middle name. Some first names may sound better with a short middle name with one or two syllables. On the other hand, other first names will sound better with a longer middle name of three or more syllables.
  3. Meaning: Consider the meaning of the first name and middle name. Do you want the meanings of the names to tie well together? Or maybe you want to honor someone important and significant in your life by using their name as the middle name for your baby.
  4. Theme: Do you want your baby’s first and middle names to both be boho, traditional, modern, or nature-themed? Or do you want to mix match them?
  5. Origin: All baby names are of a particular origin whether that is Hebrew, Greek, Latin, etc. Do you want your baby’s first and middle names to have the same origin? Or do you not even have a preference?
  6. Initials: When I refer to this key point, what I really want you thinking about are your baby’s initials once you pick out a middle name. Just be careful the initials don’t spell out anything weird (it happens unfortunately).
  7. Nicknames: Finally, if you plan on using a nickname for your baby, perhaps the middle name could help create a super cute nickname. It’s not the biggest thing to worry about, but this could help narrow down your choice.

Sibling names that go with Luca

If you are a planner and are already thinking of sibling names that go well with Luca, I have some perfect choices for you!

The following baby names work perfectly with Luca because they’re not too strong and they have the same style and vibe as the name Luca.

Girl names that go with Luca (for a sister)

  • Alice
  • Anna
  • Aurelia
  • Clara
  • Grace
  • Iris
  • Isabelle
  • Ivy
  • Mia
  • Phoebe
  • Rosie
  • Violet

Boy names that go with Luca (for a brother)

  • Dante
  • Eli
  • Enzo
  • Evan
  • Ezra
  • Julien
  • Leo
  • Marco
  • Milan
  • Miles
  • Noah
  • Oliver


What are some similar names to Luca?

If you’re not 100% set on the name Luca or you just want additional name ideas, here are some names that are similar to the name Luca.

They may be similar in spelling, style, or vibe. If you like the name Luca, but not completely sold on it still, here are some of the best alternatives:

  • Lucas
  • Lucius
  • Leo
  • Noah
  • Ezra
  • Finn
  • Levi
  • Liam
  • Jonah
  • Milo

What is Luca a nickname for?

Luca in itself is a complete name, but you could also say that Luca can be a nickname for a longer name variation such as Lucas, Luciano, Lucifer, or Lucius.

What does the name Luca mean for a boy?

Luca is primarily a boy name, but Luca can also be used for girls although it’s less common. For a boy, the name Luca means “bringer of light”.

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