185 *Gorgeous* Middle Names for Luna [+Meanings]

BEST Middle Names For Luna That Will End Your Search!

Looking for some gorgeous middle names for Luna? Today I have compiled the best middle names you’ll just adore!

A middle name can really take your favorite baby name to the next level, and Luna is the perfect baby girl name to add a middle name to!

Let me tell you that there are so many middle names that go with first name Luna, but this list will help you find that perfect middle name!

Luna is a short but elegant name that has a classic charm to it. It’s so pretty and versatile that it could go with so many different middle names of any style.

So are you looking for the best middle names that go with Luna?

Let’s dive into the list!

Luna Name Meaning

According to VeryWellFamily, the name Luna means “moon” in Latin and other languages with Latin roots such as Spanish and Italian. Luna also refers to the moon goddess according to ancient Roman mythology.

Luna is a gorgeous baby girl name that is both nature-inspired and celestial.

Best middle names for Luna

Want a sneak peek into today’s list?

Here are my absolute faves!

Luna AstridLuna Enid
Luna AuroraLuna Faith
Luna BlairLuna Mae
Luna CelesteLuna Rose
Luna CoveLuna Sage

What middle names go well with Luna?

Luna is such a pretty name, and you’ll find that there are so many middle names that go perfectly with Luna!

So whether you’re looking for a short or long middle name, below you’ll find some of the prettiest name combinations for Luna!

Beautiful middle names that go with Luna

  • Meaning: noble kind
  • Meaning: noble; nobility
  • Meaning: light; noble
  • Meaning: yielding to prayer
  • Meaning: happy; ash tree
  • Meaning: quaking tree; aspen tree
  • Meaning: of the stars
  • Meaning: divinely beautiful
  • Meaning: dawn
  • Meaning: oak tree; halo; moonlight
  • Meaning: azalea flower; dry
  • Meaning: bringer of light; blessed
  • Meaning: she who brings happiness
  • Meaning: beautiful
  • Meaning: pledged to God
  • Meaning: plain; field
  • Meaning: pure; white
  • Meaning: flower-like
  • Meaning: the color blue; sad
  • Meaning: exalted one
  • Meaning: hill
  • Meaning: Italian island
  • Meaning: garden
  • Meaning: heavenly
  • Meaning: heavenly
  • Meaning: canal
  • Meaning: clear; bright
  • Meaning: bright; clear
  • Meaning: meadow flower
  • Meaning: maiden
  • Meaning: small coastal inlet
  • Meaning: laurel tree
  • Meaning: delicate
  • Meaning: golden
  • Meaning: tenth
  • Meaning: bird of peace
  • Meaning: paradise; delight; place of pleasure
  • Meaning: desired; light
  • Meaning: bright shining light
  • Meaning: sunray; bright one
  • Meaning: healthy
  • Meaning: truth
  • Meaning: God’s promise
  • Meaning: whole
  • Meaning: soul or life
  • Meaning: Ireland; peace; from the island
  • Meaning: strife
  • Meaning: emerald
  • Meaning: star
  • Meaning: star
  • Meaning: bearer of good news
  • Meaning: life
  • Meaning: to trust
  • Meaning: loyalty
  • Meaning: flower
  • Meaning: flower
  • Meaning: flower
  • Meaning: free one; from France
  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Meaning: a father’s joy
  • Meaning: festivity; merrymaking
  • Meaning: jewel
  • Meaning: farmer
  • Meaning: to pledge
  • Meaning: immortal glory
  • Meaning: goodness, charm; generosity
  • Meaning: grey-haired
  • Meaning: fair; holy; blessed
  • Meaning: hayfield
  • Meaning: rock hill; army hill
  • Meaning: one who plays the harp
  • Meaning: the hazelnut tree
  • Meaning: expectation or belief
  • Meaning: hardworking
  • Meaning: holy
  • Meaning: God is perfection; God is my oath
  • Meaning: white; pure
  • Meaning: stone of the colic
  • Meaning: supplanter
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: God’s gracious gift
  • Meaning: youthful
  • Meaning: pure
  • Meaning: from lace
  • Meaning: path; roadway
  • Meaning: playful songbird
  • Meaning: pretty
  • Meaning: island of linden trees
  • Meaning: hollow
  • Meaning: beloved; full of love
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: lake; pond
  • Meaning: lyre
  • Meaning: dear; lovable
  • Meaning: weapon; gift of God
  • Meaning: high tower
  • Meaning: gift of God; son of Matthew
  • Meaning: goddess of springtime
  • Meaning: flower magnolia
  • Meaning: the sea; bitter; strength
  • Meaning: pearl
  • Meaning: beloved; of the sea
  • Meaning: star of the sea
  • Meaning: from the sea
  • Meaning: grass or vegetation
  • Meaning: pearl
  • Meaning: mine; beloved
  • Meaning: who resembles God
  • Meaning: admirable; peace
  • Meaning: marvelous; wonderful
  • Meaning: from the mouth of the river
  • Meaning: born of a God; savior
  • Meaning: myrtle bush
  • Meaning: night
  • Meaning: Christmas; the Lord’s birthday
  • Meaning: wealth
  • Meaning: jewel
  • Meaning: helper
  • Meaning: bringer of destruction
  • Meaning: lover of horses
  • Meaning: an offering
  • Meaning: wise
  • Meaning: female sheep
  • Meaning: innocent
  • Meaning: born again
  • Meaning: flowing
  • Meaning: flower rose
  • Meaning: freedom
  • Meaning: wise
  • Meaning: wood cutter
  • Meaning: calm; peace
  • Meaning: peaceful
  • Meaning: admirable
  • Meaning: reddish brown
  • Meaning: of the heavens
  • Meaning: warrior
  • Meaning: wise
  • Meaning: celestial body
  • Meaning: graceful swan
  • Meaning: tailor
  • Meaning: genuine; real
  • Meaning: Roman goddess of love and beauty
  • Meaning: purple; violet flower
  • Meaning: freedom; willow tree
  • Meaning: small songbird
  • Meaning: fair; white; holy

Middle names for Luna in Spanish

Since Luna is a Spanish name as well, picking a middle name in Spanish would make a beautiful baby girl name!

Here are some of the best middle names for Luna in Spanish:

  • Luna Maité
  • Luna Rosa
  • Luna Mar
  • Luna Sol
  • Luna Azul
  • Luna Aurora
  • Luna Blanca
  • Luna Adelaida
  • Luna Isabel
  • Luna Magdalena
  • Luna Marcela
  • Luna Amara
  • Luna Amelia
  • Luna Cecilia
  • Luna Regina
  • Luna Candelaria
  • Luna Camila
  • Luna Rocio
  • Luna Rebecca

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Middle names for Luna in Italian

Luna is also an Italian name, so why not find an Italian middle name that goes with Luna?

Here are some of the prettiest middle names for Luna in Italian:

  • Luna Aria
  • Luna Giana
  • Luna Gemma
  • Luna Angelina
  • Luna Francesca
  • Luna Beatrice
  • Luna Bria
  • Luna Teresa
  • Luna Natalia
  • Luna Gaia
  • Luna Viola
  • Luna Pippa
  • Luna Chiara
  • Luna Elisa
  • Luna Ilaria
  • Luna Giada
  • Luna Alessia
  • Luna Asia
  • Luna Electra

What is a nickname for Luna?

Luna is already a short and sweet name that may not even need a nickname. However, there are some really cute nicknames to choose from if you are looking for the perfect nickname for baby Luna.

Here are some adorable nickname ideas for the name Luna:

  • Lou
  • Lu
  • Lulu
  • Una
  • Lune
  • Lulie

First name for middle name Luna

If you’re not set on Luna as a first name and maybe like it for a middle name, here are some of the prettiest name combinations.

Here are some perfect first names for middle name Luna:

  • Eva Luna
  • Vivian Luna
  • Esme Luna
  • Jasmine Luna
  • Elle Luna
  • Rose Luna
  • Maeve Luna
  • Grace Luna
  • Brielle Luna
  • Brea Luna
  • Maisie Luna
  • Annabella Luna
  • Eleanor Luna
  • Harriet Luna
  • Faye Luna
  • Evie Luna
  • Ava Luna
  • Ariel Luna

Sibling names for Luna

If you’re looking for the perfect sibling names that go with Luna, here are some girl and boy names that you’ll love!

Girl names that go with Luna (for sister)

  • Luna and Aurora
  • Luna and Celeste
  • Luna and Dawn
  • Luna and Nova
  • Luna and Athena
  • Luna and Cleo
  • Luna and Sky
  • Luna and Autumn
  • Luna and Poppy
  • Luna and Rayne
  • Luna and Iris
  • Luna and Ivy
  • Luna and Piper
  • Luna and Estelle
  • Luna and Astrid

Boy names that go with Luna (for brother)

  • Luna and Lupin
  • Luna and Angel
  • Luna and Fletcher
  • Luna and Leo
  • Luna and Apollo
  • Luna and Luca
  • Luna and Archer
  • Luna and Theo
  • Luna and Orion
  • Luna and Atlas
  • Luna and Phoenix
  • Luna and Onyx
  • Luna and Flynn
  • Luna and Zion
  • Luna and Caspian

What is your favorite middle name for Luna? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Middle Names for Luna

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