215+ Exquisite Middle Names for Violet [Ultimate List]

Fall in Love With These Gorgeous Middle Names for Violet!

Looking for totally gorgeous middle names for Violet? I am sharing the best middle name ideas that you’ll absolutely love!

Let me first tell you that there are TONS of gorgeous middle names that pair well with first name Violet, but this list can help you find that perfect match!

Whether you’re looking for short or long middle names, middle names inspired by nature, regal and elegant middle names, popular middle names, unique middle names, or cute middle names, I made sure to include the best middle names that go with Violet.

This list truly has it all.

Also, be sure to read till the end where I give you my best tips on how to pick the perfect middle name!

So if you’re ready, let’s dive right in!

Violet name meaning

According to VeryWellFamily, the name Violet derives from “viola”, which means purple in Latin. The name also refers to violet flowers, which symbolize truth and loyalty.

Violet is a classic girl name that has an old-fashioned and traditional charm to it. What’s also makes the name unique is that for centuries, the color purple was associated with royalty and power, which gives a regal and royal feel to the name Violet.

Best middle names for Violet

Of all the middle names included in today’s list, here are my top 10.

I’m simply obsessed with these name combinations!

Violet AutumnViolet Mae
Violet BlairViolet Noor
Violet CoveViolet River
Violet GraceViolet Rose

One syllable middle names for Violet

  1. Violet Anne (God has favored me)
  2. Violet Belle (beautiful)
  3. Violet Birch (birch tree)
  4. Violet Blair (plain; field)
  5. Violet Bloom (flowering)
  6. Violet Blue (color blue)
  7. Violet Brea (noble)
  8. Violet Brooke (small stream)
  9. Violet Brynn (hill)
  10. Violet Cher (beloved)
  11. Violet Claire (bright; clear)
  12. Violet Cove (small bay)
  13. Violet Dawn (daybreak; first appearance of light)
  14. Violet Dove (bird of peace)
  15. Violet Elm (elm tree)
  16. Violet Eve (life)
  17. Violet Faith (hope; trust)
  18. Violet Fawn (young deer)
  19. Violet Faye (loyalty)
  20. Violet Fleur (flower)
  21. Violet Gale (pleasant)
  22. Violet Gem (jewel)
  23. Violet Grace (gracious one)
  24. Violet Hope (desire)
  25. Violet Jade (precious stone)
  26. Violet James (supplanter)
  27. Violet Joan (God is gracious)
  28. Violet Joy (happiness)
  29. Violet Kate (pure)
  30. Violet Kay (pure)
  31. Violet Lace (fine open-woven fabric)
  32. Violet Liv (defense)
  33. Violet Lynn (pretty)
  34. Violet Mae (goddess of springtime)
  35. Violet Maeve (she who rules)
  36. Violet Oak (oak tree)
  37. Violet Pearl (precious)
  38. Violet Quinn (wise)
  39. Violet Noor (light)
  40. Violet Rae (ewe; female sheep)
  41. Violet Rain (abundant blessings from above)
  42. Violet Ro (red-haired)
  43. Violet Rose (rose flower)
  44. Violet Ruth (friend)
  45. Violet Sage (sage plant; wise)
  46. Violet Shae (admirable)
  47. Violet Skye (sky; Isle of Skye)
  48. Violet Sloane (warrior)
  49. Violet Spring (season of spring)
  50. Violet Star (celestial body)
  51. Violet Sue (lily)
  52. Violet Wren (bird)

Two syllable middle names for Violet

  1. Violet Aida (reward)
  2. Violet Aimee (beloved)
  3. Violet Alice (nobility)
  4. Violet Anna (gracious)
  5. Violet Arden (great forest)
  6. Violet Arya (noble)
  7. Violet Aspen (aspen tree)
  8. Violet Astrid (God’s strength)
  9. Violet Aubrey (noble ruler)
  10. Violet Audrey (noble strength)
  11. Violet Autumn (season of autumn)
  12. Violet Ava (bird)
  13. Violet Ayla (oak tree)
  14. Violet Bailey (steward)
  15. Violet Bella (beautiful)
  16. Violet Bernice (bringer of victory)
  17. Violet Birgitte (happiness)
  18. Violet Bria (noble)
  19. Violet Brooklyn (living near a brook)
  20. Violet Chanel (canal)
  21. Violet Charlene (free)
  22. Violet Charlotte (free)
  23. Violet Clara (bright; clear)
  24. Violet Cora (heart)
  25. Violet Crystal (brilliant glass)
  26. Violet Daisy (daisy flower)
  27. Violet Demi (half)
  28. Violet Dixie (tenth)
  29. Violet Dottie (gift of God)
  30. Violet Eden (garden or place of paradise)
  31. Violet Ella (young girl)
  32. Violet Elsa (God is my oath)
  33. Violet Elyse (God is my oath)
  34. Violet Ember (spark)
  35. Violet Emma (universal)
  36. Violet Esme (loved)
  37. Violet Estelle (star)
  38. Violet Esther (star)
  39. Violet Eva (giver of life)
  40. Violet Farrah (good-looking)
  41. Violet Gala (festivity)
  42. Violet Gemma (jewel)
  43. Violet Greta (pearl)
  44. Violet Gretchen (pearl)
  45. Violet Gwenyth (happiness)
  46. Violet Hailey (hay meadow)
  47. Violet Hanna (grace)
  48. Violet Harlow (from the rocky hill)
  49. Violet Harper (harp player)
  50. Violet Hazel (hazelnut tree)
  51. Violet Helen (light)
  52. Violet Ingrid (beautiful)
  53. Violet Isla (island)
  54. Violet Ivy (vine)
  55. Violet Jasmine (jasmine flower)
  56. Violet Kenzie (fair one)
  57. Violet Kiko (rejoice; happy)
  58. Violet Lacey (cheerful)
  59. Violet Lana (light)
  60. Violet Laurel (laurel tree)
  61. Violet Layla (night; black)
  62. Violet Lena (woman of Magdala)
  63. Violet Lily (lily flower)
  64. Violet Livvy (olive tree)
  65. Violet Louise (famous warrior)
  66. Violet Luna (moon)
  67. Violet Lyra (lyre; harp)
  68. Violet Maisie (pearl)
  69. Violet Maple (maple tree)
  70. Violet Margot (pearl)
  71. Violet Marie (star of the sea)
  72. Violet Marit (pearl)
  73. Violet Meadow (field of grass)
  74. Violet Meghan (pearl)
  75. Violet Mia (of the sea)
  76. Violet Nola (fair shoulder)
  77. Violet Penny (weaver)
  78. Violet Petal (leaf)
  79. Violet Peyton (fighting man’s estate)
  80. Violet Pixie (fairy)
  81. Violet Poppy (poppy flower)
  82. Violet Rachel (ewe)
  83. Violet Reina (queen)
  84. Violet River (body of flowing water)
  85. Violet Rowan (red-haired)
  86. Violet Ruby (red gemstone)
  87. Violet Sadie (princess)
  88. Violet Sophie (wisdom)
  89. Violet Summer (season of summer)
  90. Violet Taylor (tailor)
  91. Violet Tula (leaping water)
  92. Violet Winter (season of winter)
  93. Violet Xena (hospitable)
  94. Violet Yvette (yew tree)
  95. Violet Zara (princess)
  96. Violet Zoey (life)

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Long middle names for Violet

  1. Violet Adelaide (noble)
  2. Violet Adeline (noble)
  3. Violet Agatha (honorable)
  4. Violet Alexia (defender of men)
  5. Violet Alondra (defender)
  6. Violet Amaya (heavenly valley)
  7. Violet Anastasia (resurrection)
  8. Violet Annabelle (favored grace)
  9. Violet Annalise (oath of God)
  10. Violet Antoinette (highly praiseworthy)
  11. Violet Arabella (answered prayer)
  12. Violet Araceli (heavenly homemaker)
  13. Violet Aurelia (golden one)
  14. Violet Aurora (dawn)
  15. Violet Avery (ruler of elves)
  16. Violet Aviana (birdlike)
  17. Violet Beatrice (she who brings happiness)
  18. Violet Bellatrix (female warrior)
  19. Violet Bernadette (strong)
  20. Violet Camila (helper to the priest)
  21. Violet Cecilia (blind)
  22. Violet Clemency (merciful)
  23. Violet Cordelia (heart)
  24. Violet Eleanor (shining light)
  25. Violet Elena (light; torch)
  26. Violet Elizabeth (God is my oath)
  27. Violet Eloise (healthy)
  28. Violet Emberly (leader)
  29. Violet Emilia (rival)
  30. Violet Emmeline (hardworking)
  31. Violet Evangeline (Good news)
  32. Violet Evelyn (wished for child)
  33. Violet Everly (boar meadow)
  34. Violet Gabriella (God is my strength)
  35. Violet Gardenia (garden’s flower)
  36. Violet Georgina (earth worker)
  37. Violet Gloria (immortal glory)
  38. Violet Guinevere (fair one)
  39. Violet Gwendolyn (blessed ring)
  40. Violet Harriet (home ruler)
  41. Violet Indira (splendid)
  42. Violet Isabella (devoted to God)
  43. Violet Isadora (gift of Isis)
  44. Violet Josephine (God will increase)
  45. Violet Juliette (youthful)
  46. Violet Kathleen (pure)
  47. Violet Kimberly (Cyneburg’s field)
  48. Violet Lavender purple flower)
  49. Violet Liliana (lily flower)
  50. Violet Lucia (light)
  51. Violet Margaret (pearl)
  52. Violet Mariana (star of the sea)
  53. Violet Milani (miracle of heaven)
  54. Violet Mirabella (wonderful)
  55. Violet Naomi (pleasantness)
  56. Violet Nicolette (people of victory)
  57. Violet Olivia (olive tree)
  58. Violet Ophelia (help)
  59. Violet Penelope (weaver)
  60. Violet Rosalie (beautiful rose)
  61. Violet Rosalinda (beautiful rose)
  62. Violet Sophia (wisdom)
  63. Violet Tiffany (revelation of God)
  64. Violet Trinity (triad)
  65. Violet Victoria(victory)
  66. Violet Viviana (alive)
  67. Violet Vivienne (alive)

Middle names for Violet inspired by nature

Because Violet is a flower name, picking a middle name that’s inspired by nature is a perfect idea!

So whether you love flowers, plants, animals, or anything else nature-related, here are some middle name ideas from the list above that are inspired by nature.

Violet ArdenViolet FleurViolet Oak
Violet AutumnViolet GardeniaViolet Petal
Violet AvianaViolet HaileyViolet Poppy
Violet AylaViolet HarlowViolet Rae
Violet BirchViolet HazelViolet River
Violet BlairViolet IvyViolet Rosalie
Violet BloomViolet JasmineViolet Rosalinda
Violet BrookeViolet LaurelViolet Rose
Violet BrynnViolet LavenderViolet Skye
Violet CoveViolet LilianaViolet Spring
Violet DaisyViolet LilyViolet Sue
Violet DoveViolet LivvyViolet Summer
Violet ElmViolet MapleViolet Winter
Violet FawnViolet MeadowViolet Wren

Regal and elegant middle names for Violet

As I also mentioned, the color purple has long been associated with royalty, so why not pick a regal and elegant middle name to match?

All of the following middle names are either inspired by real life royalty or have an elegant and regal feel to the name, perfect for your little princess!

Violet AdelaideViolet CharlotteViolet Margaret
Violet AidaViolet ClaireViolet Margot
Violet AliceViolet EleanorViolet Marie
Violet AnastasiaViolet ElizabethViolet Marit
Violet AnnaViolet ElsaViolet Meghan
Violet AnnabelleViolet EmiliaViolet Mia
Violet AryaViolet EmmaViolet Noor
Violet AuroraViolet EsmeViolet Olivia
Violet BeatriceViolet EstelleViolet Ophelia
Violet BelleViolet GabriellaViolet Penelope
Violet BerniceViolet GraceViolet Reina
Violet BirgitteViolet GwenythViolet Rose
Violet BlueViolet HelenViolet Vivienne
Violet CamilaViolet IngridViolet Xena
Violet CharleneViolet IsabellaViolet Zara

Unique middle names for Violet

Want something more unique and rare for a middle name? From today’s list, here are the most unique middle names for the name Violet.

Violet AidaViolet FarrahViolet Nola
Violet AryaViolet FayeViolet Noor
Violet BellatrixViolet IndiraViolet Ro
Violet BirgitteViolet KikoViolet Shae
Violet BriaViolet LivvyViolet Tula
Violet ClemencyViolet MaritViolet Xena
Violet EmberViolet MilaniViolet Zara

Cute middle names for violet

If you’re looking for a more cutesy middle name for Violet, here are some the most precious and cute middle names you can choose!

Violet AveryViolet HaileyViolet Petal
Violet BaileyViolet JoyViolet Pixie
Violet BreaViolet KateViolet Poppy
Violet DaisyViolet KenzieViolet Rae
Violet DemiViolet LilyViolet Rosalie
Violet DixieViolet LunaViolet Sophie
Violet DottieViolet MaisieViolet Spring
Violet EveViolet MapleViolet Star
Violet EverlyViolet PennyViolet Zoey

Nicknames for Violet

There are a lot of cute nicknames you can use for the name Violet. Here are some of the prettiest nickname ideas!

  • Letty
  • Lettie
  • Letta
  • Lottie
  • V
  • Vee
  • Vi-Vi
  • Vivie
  • Vio
  • Vy
  • Baby Vee

Sibling names that go with violet

If you’re anything like me, then you’re already looking into sibling names that go great with the name Violet. Here are some of the boy and girl names that go with Violet, making them the perfect sibling names!

Boy names that go with Violet (for brother)

  1. Theodore
  2. Benjamin
  3. Oliver
  4. Henry
  5. Milo
  6. Wren
  7. Jude
  8. Finn
  9. Nolan
  10. Dean
  11. Joel
  12. Ivan
  13. Ezra
  14. Arthur
  15. Philip

Girl names that go with Violet (for sister)

  1. Josephine
  2. Clara
  3. Lily
  4. Vivian
  5. Cora
  6. Ivy
  7. June
  8. Miranda
  9. Amelia
  10. Maeve
  11. Rose
  12. Sophia
  13. Eloise
  14. Opal
  15. Aurora

Tips for finding the best Violet name combinations

Deciding on a middle name can be really tricky, but I want to give you some helpful tips that will make this decision easier for you. Consider these 5 things:

  1. Sound: how do the two names sound together? Do the names roll off the tongue? Say the two names out loud to really hear how the names mesh together.
  2. Aesthetic: in written form, how do the names look together? If you’re someone who has a certain aesthetic you’re going for, then really consider how the two names look written together.
  3. Meaning: Violet means purple or also a violet flower. Consider the meaning of the middle name you’re considering. Do you like how the two meanings come together? Or will the middle name have a special significance such as honoring a relative?
  4. Initials: this is an overlooked detail, but consider what your baby’s initials would be with her first, middle, and last name. Double check there’s nothing weird or inappropriate spelled out (you’d be surprised by some crazy initials out there).
  5. Nickname: finally, think of middle names that can be created using the first and middle name together. I listed some really cute options for nicknames for the name Violet, now just depending on the middle name you choose, you can create a super cute nickname altogether!

What is your favorite middle name for Violet? Show off your top picks in the comments below!

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