79 Sporty Girl Names For Your Little MVP

Sporty Girl Names Inspired by Famous Athletes [+Meanings]

Congratulations mama on your beautiful blessing! Now do you love sports and want a baby girl name that reflects your passion? This is the ultimate list of sporty girl names inspired by famous female athletes across different sports!

Any of these super cool girl names would be perfect for your future athlete!

Follow along and find your favorite sporty girl names in the categories of tennis, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, race car driving, and girl names that simply have a sporty vibe or a sporty meaning.

Girl names with sporty meanings


In Latin, Maxima means “the greatest”, making it the PERFECT name for the Greatest Of All Time!


This African name Nala means “success.” How fitting, considering every athlete strives for success in their sport and career one day.


Jarah is a really unique name in this list. The Arabic name means “boldness”, which is what every athlete should have to make it to the big leagues.


If your baby will be more of a defender, this name is perfect! Ramona means “protecting hands” according to its Old German origin.


It’s hard to not put this name in the list since Victoria means “victorious” or “victory” according to its Latin origin.


Azima is another really cool and unique girl name in this list. The Arabic name Azima means “defender.”


Jetta would be an awesome name to choose if your baby girl ended up playing baseball or softball one day. The Danish name Jetta means “home ruler”, which would be really cool to interpret the meaning through a baseball/softball perspective!


Kendra is probably one of the best names from this particular list because of its meaning. According to its Welsh origin, Kendra means “greatest champion.”


Want an extra powerful and strong athletic girl name? The Irish name Fallon means “superiority.”


Who doesn’t think Marvel is a cool name?! The Spanish or Latin meaning of this awesome name is “extraordinary,” perfect for your extraordinary baby.

Tennis girl names


Of course we have to start with the Williams sisters, starting with Venus Williams. In Latin, Venus means “Roman goddess of love and beauty.”


As for Serena Williams, Serena means “serene, peaceful, or quiet.”


Here we can refer to either Martina Navratilova or Martina Hingis, both of which were amazing tennis players. Martina means “servant of Mars” or “God of war”.


Her name is already cute and unique enough, but if you loved seeing Steffi Graf play, what more reason to like the name Steffi! Steffi is is Greek for “crown” or “wreath.”


When you think of tennis, how can you not think of Margaret Court? If you love her classic name, Margaret means “pearl.”


Monica Seles went through a lot in her career, and if you were inspired her and love her name, Monica is a great choice. The name Monica means “advisor” or “truth” in Latin.


And finally, there’s the great Justine Henin. In Latin, Justine means “fair” or “upright”.

Basketball girl names


As a Phoenix native, I’m extra biased towards Diana Taurasi, who is one of the best WNBA players of all time. So if you love her as much as I do, Diana is a great name to choose, and it means “divine”.


Sue Bird is another one of those players who people consider to be the GOAT in the WNBA league. I’m a huge fan of hers, and her name “Sue” means “lily”.


If you love the name Maya as in the former basketball player Maya Moore, you’ll love the meaning of her name even more: “good mother” or “from God.”


If you grew up watching Lisa Leslie play in the league, this is a great name to choose from. Lisa also means “God’s promise”, how beautiful is that??


One of the greats was Sheryl Swoopes, a perfect name for your baby girl! Sheryl also means “beloved”, again how pretty is that??


Breanna Stewart is definitely a fan favorite right now, so if you love her, Breanna is a really pretty name that means “high, noble, or exalted.”


Tamika Catchings was an inspirational basketball player not only for her skill, but also because she had a hearing disability. Tamika means “beautiful child or person” according to its Japanese origin.


Basketball player-turned-coach Cynthia Cooper may have also been one of your favorites growing up. Cynthia means “moon goddess.”


You can also choose the name Tina as in the legend and Hall of Famer Tina Thompson. Tina means “follower of Christ.”


How can you not love Candace Parker? She’s accomplished so much in her career, she’s just so talented. Candance means “clarity.”


Again, as a Phoenix native, I’m biased towards Brittney Griner. If you love her and her name, the name Brittney also has a beautiful meaning: “Gift of God.”

Baseball/Softball girl names


One of the best female baseball players in the league was Doris Sams. What a pretty and sometimes forgotten name Doris, which means “gift” or “gift of the ocean”.


Eri Yoshida is such an awesome professional baseball player whose name means “drawing” or “my protector”.


I love the name Ila already, but this Ila refers to Ila Borders whose name means “from the island”.


Jean Faut was an amazing pitcher, whose name means “God is gracious”.


Here I’m referring to none other than baseball legend Toni Stone. Toni means “beyond praise” in French.


Dottie is already such a cute name! How can you not like it?? Here we’re talking about Dottie Schroeder. Dottie means “gift of God”.


Betty Trezza was an aweosme baseball player, and her classic name means “oath of God”.


I’m REALLY biased towards this name because here I’m referring to the AMAZING Jennie Finch, who played for my Alma Mater: the University of Arizona. Jennie means “fair one”.


Dot Richardson was also a super talented Olympic gold medalist softball player. Dot means “gift of God”.


Jessica Mendoza has done so much in her softball career, and continues to be successful in anything she does. Jessica means “rich” or “God beholds”.


Another great Lisa! This Lisa is three-time Olympic gold medalist Lisa Fernandez whose name means “God’s promise”.


What a sassy name! This refers to the awesome former softball player Cat Osterman. Cat means “pure”.

Soccer girl names


Of course I had to mention Megan Rapinoe! The name Megan means “pearl”.


Alexia is a super pretty and elegant name from this list, which here we’re referring to Alexia Putellas. Alexia means “defender of men”.


This is a super adorable name! This refers to the great Carli Lloyd, whose name means “free woman”.


Mia Hamm is a LEGEND and her name means “mine” or “wish-for child”.


Here we’re talking about Olympic gold medalist Christine Sinclair, whose name means “follower of Christ”.


This is such a cool and powerful-sounding name, which of course refers to beast Marta Vieira da Silva. Marta means “the lady”.


And finally, of course I had to mention Abby Wambach! The adorable name Abby means “my father’s joy”, how cute!

Race car driver girl names


Danica Patrick is not only one of the most famous race car drivers, but how awesome is her name?! Danica means “morning star”.


This is of course referring to the legend Shirley Muldowney, whose name means “bright meadow”, how pretty!


It’s hard to not picture Janet Guthrie when you think of famous female race car drivers. The classic name Janet means “God is gracious”.


Of course I HAVE to mention the first female driver in NASCAR history, Sara Christian. Sara means “princess”.


Louise Smith was known as the “the first lady of racing” and was a true pioneer in the world of racing. Her elegant and timeless name Louise means “famous warrior”.


And finally here we have the awesome Michèle Mouton, whose name means “who resembles God”.

Olympic girl names


As in the amazing gymnast Simone Biles. Simone means “to be heard”.


Here of course we’re alluding to sprinter Wilma Rudolph, whose name means “resolute protection”.


Multi-sport athlete Babe Didrikson Zaharias was a beast in every sport she competed in. Babe means “foreign”.


Lindsey Vonn is one really impressive skier, whose name means “a lake” or “a place of linden trees”, how unique is that?


Wrestler Ronda Rousey is a pretty intimidating wrestler, and her name means “loud” or “grand”.


Billie Jean King is one of the BEST tennis players of all time, and her name is also pretty awesome and unique! Billie means “determination” or “strength”.


Want a simple but cute sporty girl name? Perhaps Katie as in American swimmer Katie Ledecky might be what you’re looking for! Katie means “pure”.


This is another one of those really cute and sassy names! This Missy is referring to one of the greats in the world of swimming Missy Franklin. Missy means “bee”.


This is of course referring to the AMAZING gymnast Larisa Latynina, whose really pretty name means “the smile”.


Another amazing gymnast! Here I am talking about Nadia Comaneci, whose strong name means “hope”.


And finally, I had to mention one of the greats in the world of figure skating, Michelle Kwan. Michelle means “who resembles God”.

Athletic girl names

The following girl names were added to the list because they simply have a sporty and athletic vibe. They’re cute but also a little rough around the edge.

  • Payton
  • Devin
  • Riley
  • Alex
  • Bailey
  • Andie
  • Dylan
  • Taylor
  • Aiden
  • Carson
  • Dakota
  • Charli
  • Jamie
  • Jordyn
  • Jackie

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79 Sporty Girl Names For Your Little MVP

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