385 BEST 4 Letter Girl Names [Ultimate List]

The Ultimate List of 4 Letter Girl Names for Your Next Baby Girl

Looking for the perfect name for your baby girl? Let me tell you that there’s something about 4 letter girl names that are SO cute!

As of late, lots couples have chosen to shorten longer names to fit the four-letter criteria because they prefer the aesthetic of four letters.

As someone who has a four letter name, I LOVE the simplicity and length that my name has. It’s not too long and not too short.

Today I am giving you 385 4 letter girl names to choose from that are unique, elegant, cool, popular, inspired by nature, and inspired by Greek Mythology. You just can’t go wrong with any of these names!

So no matter what your style is, or what letter you want the baby name to start with, this is the ultimate list of four letter girl names.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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♥ALL 4 Letter Girl Names♥

Let’s start off by listing all of today’s 4 letter girl names before breaking them down by category and theme.

Alphabetical Order

  1. Abby(Hebrew) meaning “a father’s joy or happiness”
  2. Addy– (American) meaning “noble”
  3. Adel– (German) meaning “noble, elite”
  4. Adia– (Swahili ) meaning “gift”
  5. Adna– (Biblical) meaning “delight, pleasure, joy”
  6. Aesa– (Greek) meaning “goddess of destiny”
  7. Aila– (Scandinavian) meaning “holy, blessed”
  8. Aimy– (American) meaning “beloved”
  9. Alba– (Latin) meaning “white”
  10. Alex– (Greek) meaning “defender of men”
  11. Alia– (Arabic) meaning “supreme”
  12. Alix– (German) meaning “of noble nature”
  13. Aliz– (German) meaning “noble, sweet”
  14. Ally– (Greek) meaning “noble”
  15. Alma– (Latin) meaning “nourishing, kind”
  16. Alys– (German) meaning “noble, exalted”
  17. Anai– (Jamaican) meaning “beautiful”
  18. Anna– (Hebrew/Latin) meaning “grace”
  19. Anne– (Hebrew/Latin) meaning “grace”
  20. Anny– (Hebrew) meaning “God has favored me”
  21. Anya– (Russian) meaning “grace, melody”
  22. Arae– (Greek) meaning “female spirits of curses”
  23. Aria– (Italian) meaning “melody, song”
  24. Arvi– (Scandinavian) meaning “peace”
  25. Arya– (Indian) meaning “noble”
  26. Asia– (Arabic) meaning “sunrise”
  27. Aura– (Latin) meaning “wind”
  28. Avah– (Latin) meaning “bird”
  29. Aven– (Irish) meaning “fair radiance”
  30. Avia– (Hebrew) meaning “God is my father”
  31. Axia– (Hindu) meaning “indestructible, invincible”
  32. Ayla– (Sanskrit ) meaning “light, Earth, moonlight”
  33. Azra– (Hebrew) meaning “pure, virgin”
  34. Barb– (Latin) meaning “stranger”
  35. Beck– (Old Norse) meaning “traveler”
  36. Bela– (Hungarian) meaning “beautiful, cordial”
  37. Bell– (English) meaning “beautiful”
  38. Beth– (English) meaning “God is my oath”
  39. Bibi– (Persian) meaning “lively”
  40. Bina– (Hebrew) meaning “insight”
  41. Blue– (American) meaning “blue color, strength or determination”
  42. Brea-(American) meaning “hill”
  43. Bria– (Irish) meaning “hill, high”
  44. Brie– (French/Latin) meaning “marshland, high, powerful”
  45. Bryn– (Welsh) meaning “hill”
  46. Cadi– (Greek) meaning “pure”
  47. Cala– (Arabic) meaning “beautiful”
  48. Cali– (Greek) meaning “the utmost beauty”
  49. Cami– (Scottish) meaning “crooked nose, helper to a priest”
  50. Cara– (Irish) meaning “cherished”
  51. Cate– (Latin/French/English) meaning “blessed, pure”
  52. Cece– (Latin) meaning “blind one”
  53. Cher– (French) meaning “beloved”
  54. Cira– (Italian) meaning “sun”
  55. Cleo– (Greek) meaning “fame, glory”
  56. Clio– (Greek) meaning “glory”
  57. Cloe– (Greek) meaning “blooming”
  58. Coco– (English) meaning chocolate beans
  59. Cora– (Greek) meaning “maiden”
  60. Cori– (Greek) meaning “maiden”
  61. Cyna– (Latin) meaning “wise”
  62. Daia– (African) meaning “morning joy”
  63. Dana– (Sanskrit ) meaning “kindness, generosity”
  64. Dani– (Hebrew) meaning “God is my judge”
  65. Dara– (Hebrew) meaning “star”
  66. Dawn– (British) meaning “first break of light”
  67. Deja– (Spanish) meaning “remembrance”
  68. Demi– (French) meaning “small, half”
  69. Desi– (French) meaning “desired”
  70. Didi– (German) meaning “warrior of the people”
  71. Dina– (Hebrew) meaning “God has judged”
  72. Dior– (English) meaning “golden”
  73. Dita– (Spanish) meaning “ambitious, prosperous”
  74. Diva– (Latin) meaning “goddess”
  75. Dixi– (Latin) meaning “I have spoken”
  76. Dona– (Italian) meaning “lady”
  77. Dora– (Greek) meaning “gift”
  78. Dory– (Greek) meaning “gift of God”
  79. Dove– (American) meaning “bird” of peace”
  80. Drea– (Greek) meaning “courageous”
  81. Echo– (Greek) meaning “legendary nymph”
  82. Eden– (Hebrew) meaning “delight”
  83. Edna– (Hebrew) meaning “delight or pleasure”
  84. Elea– (English) meaning “shining, bright”
  85. Elen– (Greek) meaning “light, torch”
  86. Elia– (Hebrew) meaning “God has answered”
  87. Elie– (French) meaning “the Lord is my God”
  88. Elis– (Hebrew) meaning “God’s promise”
  89. Ella– (Greek) meaning “fairy maiden or goddess”
  90. Elle– (French) meaning “she”
  91. Elsa– (Hebrew) meaning “God’s promise”
  92. Elys– (Hebrew) meaning “noble, blissful”
  93. Emma– (German) meaning “universal”
  94. Emmy– (German) meaning “universal”
  95. Enid– (Welsh) meaning “soul or life”
  96. Enya– (Irish) meaning “fire”
  97. Erin– (Irish) meaning “peace”
  98. Eris– (Greek) meaning”goddess of strife”
  99. Esme– (French) meaning “beloved”
  100. Evah– (Hebrew) meaning “life”
  101. Evie– (Hebrew) meaning “life”
  102. Evin– (Hebrew) meaning “God is gracious”
  103. Fara– (Arabic) meaning “lovely”
  104. Fate– (Greek) meaning “life”
  105. Fawn– (French) meaning “young deer”
  106. Faya– (American) meaning “fairy or elf”
  107. Faye– (French) meaning “loyalty”
  108. Fern– (Old English) meaning “fern, feather”
  109. Fifi– (French) meaning “God gives”
  110. Fila– (Greek) meaning “loving”
  111. Fina– (Italian) meaning “God will increase”
  112. Flor– (Portuguese) meaning “flower”
  113. Gaby– (French) meaning “woman of God”
  114. Gaia– (Greek) meaning “mother of God”
  115. Gail– (English) meaning “joy of the father, father’s rejoice”
  116. Gala– (French) meaning “festive or elegant party”
  117. Gale– (English) meaning “cheerful”
  118. Gene– (English) meaning “well-born”
  119. Geni– (English/Indonesian) meaning “fire”
  120. Geri– (English) meaning “one who rules with spear”
  121. Giah– (Biblical) meaning “to guide”
  122. Gigi– (French) meaning “earth worker”
  123. Gina– (Italian) meaning “queen”
  124. Gita– (Indian) meaning “divine song”
  125. Glen– (Scottish) meaning “meadow or valley”
  126. Gwen– (Welse) meaning “white, fair”
  127. Gwyn– (Welsh) meaning “fair or white”
  128. Hadi– (Muslim) meaning “to guide or lead”
  129. Hali– (Greek) meaning “sea”
  130. Halo– (Greek) meaning “divine aura”
  131. Hana– (Japanese) meaning “flower”
  132. Hebe– (Greek) meaning “youth”
  133. Hedi– (Old German) meaning “conflict, disagreement”
  134. Hera– (Greek) meaning “protector, queen”
  135. Hero– (Greek) meaning “demi-god”
  136. Hila– (Hebrew) meaning “halo”
  137. Hope– (English) meaning “expectation”
  138. llah– (Arabic) meaning “God”
  139. Ilia– (Hebrew) meaning “God is lord”
  140. Ilma– (Scandinavian) meaning “air”
  141. Indy– (American) meaning “independent”
  142. Ines– (Spanish) meaning “pure, holy”
  143. Inez– (Portuguese) meaning “pure, chaste”
  144. Inga– (Old Norse) meaning “guarded by Ing”
  145. Iria– (Spanish) meaning “colorful, peace, rainbow”
  146. Iris– (Greek) meaning “rainbow”
  147. Isah– (Arabic) meaning “night prayer”
  148. Isis– (Egyptian) meaning “woman of the throne”
  149. Isla– (Spanish) meaning “island”
  150. Ivey– (English) meaning “ivy”
  151. Izzy– (Hebrew) meaning “God’s promise”
  152. Jace– (Hebrew) meaning “the lord is salvation”
  153. Jaci– (Native American) meaning “moon”
  154. Jacy– (Native American) meaning “moon”
  155. Jada– (Hebrew) meaning “the knowing one, wise”
  156. Jade– (Spanish) meaning “stone of the side”
  157. Jael– (Hebrew) meaning “wild mountain goat”
  158. Jana– (Slavic) meaning “God’s gracious gift”
  159. Jane– (English) meaning “God is gracious or merciful”
  160. Jara– (Spanish) meaning “rockrose”
  161. Jazz– (American) meaning “jasmine blossom, style of music”
  162. Jean– (English) meaning “God is merciful”
  163. Jeny– (Polish) meaning “farmer”
  164. Jeri– (French) meaning “ruler with a spear”
  165. Jesi– (Hebrew) meaning “wealthy”
  166. Jess– (Hebrew) meaning “God beholds, wealthy, rich”
  167. Jeta– (African) meaning “God is the answer”
  168. Jill– (English) meaning “child of gods”
  169. Joan– (English) meaning “God is gracious”
  170. Jody– (Hebrew) meaning “Jewish woman”
  171. Joey– (Greek/Latin) meaning “God will increase or give”
  172. Jojo– (African) meaning “born on Monday”
  173. Joli– (English) meaning “cheerful”
  174. Jude– (Hebrew) meaning “praised”
  175. Judy– (Hebrew) meaning “praised”
  176. Jule– (French) meaning “gem, youthful”
  177. Juli– (Latin) meaning “youthful”
  178. Juna– (Latin) meaning “young, source of life”
  179. June– (Latin) meaning “young, born in June”
  180. Juni– (Arabic) meaning “lovable”
  181. Kaci– (Irish) meaning “watchful”
  182. Kaia– (Scandinavian) meaning “pure”
  183. Kala– (Indian) meaning “art”
  184. Kami– (Indian) meaning “one’s desires are fulfilled”
  185. Kara– (Italian) meaning “love, beloved”
  186. Kata– (Japanese) meaning “worthy”
  187. Kate– (French) meaning “light, pure”
  188. Katt– (Greek) meaning “pure”
  189. Katy– (English) meaning “pure”
  190. Kaya– (Scandinavian) meaning “pure”
  191. Keri– (Irish) meaning “dark”
  192. Kiki– (French) meaning “happiness”
  193. Kila– (Jamaican) meaning “good-looking, beautiful”
  194. Kimi– (Japanese) meaning “righteous”
  195. Kina– (Hawaiian) meaning “China”
  196. Kira– (Japanese) meaning “shiny”
  197. Kiva– (Hebrew) meaning “protect”
  198. Kleo– (Greek) meaning “glorious, fame”
  199. Kloe– (Greek) meaning “blooming”
  200. Koko– (Japanese) meaning “stork”
  201. Kore– (Greek) meaning “maiden”
  202. Kris– (American) meaning “follower of Christ”
  203. Kyla– (Hebrew) meaning “victorious”
  204. Kyli– (unknown) meaning “channel, narrow”
  205. Kyra– (Greek) meaning “lady”
  206. Lacy– (English) meaning “cheerful”
  207. Laia– (Catalan) meaning “fair of speech”
  208. Lake– (English) meaning “body of water”
  209. Lana– (Irish) meaning “little rock”
  210. Lane– (English) meaning “small path”
  211. Lani– (Hawaiian) meaning “heaven”
  212. Lara– (Latin) meaning “Laurel”
  213. Lark– (American) meaning “songbird”
  214. Laya– (Hebrew) meaning “weary”
  215. Leah– (Hebrew) meaning “weary”
  216. Leda– (Greek) meaning “lady”
  217. Leia– (Hawaiian) meaning “child of heaven”
  218. Lena– (Russian) meaning “ray of light”
  219. Lexi– (Greek) meaning “defender of men”
  220. Liah– (Hebrew) meaning “weary”
  221. Liby– (Hebrew) meaning “God is my oath”
  222. Lila– (Arabic) meaning “night, beauty, dark beauty”
  223. Lilo– (Hawaiian) meaning “generous one”
  224. Lily– (English) meaning “purity, lily flower”
  225. Lina– (Greek) meaning “goddess of weaving”
  226. Lisa– (English) meaning “God is my oath”
  227. Lita– (Latin) meaning “gladly”
  228. Liya– (Hebrew) meaning “I am the Lord’s”
  229. Lizz– (Hebrew) meaning “God’s promise”
  230. Lois– (Greek) meaning “better”
  231. Lola– (Spanish) meaning “sorrows”
  232. Loni– (Hawaiian) meaning “sky”
  233. Lora– (Latin) meaning “Laurel”
  234. Lori– (American) meaning “she knows”
  235. Love– (English) meaning “full of love, of female wolf”
  236. Lucy– (Latin) meaning “light”
  237. Lulu– (English) meaning “famous warrior”
  238. Luna– (Latin) meaning “moon”
  239. Lyla– (Arabic) meaning “night”
  240. Lynn– (Welsh) meaning “lake”
  241. Lyra– (Greek) meaning “lyre of Orpheus”
  242. Maci– (Old French) meaning “weapon”
  243. Mags– (Greek) meaning “mags”
  244. Maia– (Greek) meaning “mother, brave”
  245. Mala– (Indian) meaning “necklace, garland”
  246. Mali– (Arabic) meaning “wealthy, rich”
  247. Mara– (Hebrew) meaning “bitter”
  248. Mari– (Welsh) meaning “sea of bitterness”
  249. Mary– (Hebrew) meaning “beloved”
  250. Maya– (Indian) meaning “illusion”
  251. Mele– (Italian) meaning “honey”
  252. Mera– (Hebrew) meaning “aristocratic lady”
  253. Miki– (Japanese) meaning “beautiful, beautiful trees or chronicle”
  254. Mila– (Slavic) meaning “industrious, gracious, dear”
  255. Mimi– (Hebrew) meaning “sea of bitterness”
  256. Mina– (Indian) meaning “joyful”
  257. Mini– (Spanish) meaning “lady of the earth”
  258. Miri– (Hebrew) meaning “of the sea”
  259. Miya– (Japanese) meaning “beautiful”
  260. Moli– (Hebrew) meaning “bitter”
  261. Mona– (Italian) meaning “noble”
  262. Myla– (English) meaning “soldier, merciful”
  263. Myra– (Greek) meaning “beloved, admirable”
  264. Naia– (Hawaiian) meaning “dolphin”
  265. Nala– (African) meaning “successful”
  266. Nara– (Japanese) meaning “happy”
  267. Navi– (Indian) meaning “kind person”
  268. Naya– (Arabic) meaning “new”
  269. Nena– (Spanish) meaning “little girl”
  270. Neve– (Latin) meaning “snow”
  271. Niah– (Swahili) meaning “goal, purpose”
  272. Niki– (Greek) meaning “victory”
  273. Nila– (Indian) meaning “blue, sky”
  274. Nina– (English) meaning “grace”
  275. Nita– (Spanish) meaning “gift of God”
  276. Noel– (French) meaning “Christmas”
  277. Nola– (Irish) meaning “fair shoulder”
  278. Nora– (Latin) meaning “honor”
  279. Nori– (Japanese) meaning “rule, law”
  280. Nour– (Arabic) meaning “light”
  281. Nova– (Latin) meaning “new”
  282. Nyla– (British) meaning “cloud”
  283. Olga– (Russian) meaning “blessed”
  284. Olia– (Latin) meaning “blessed, holy”
  285. Onyx– (Latin) meaning “gemstone”
  286. Opal– (Sanskrit) meaning “jewel, gemstone”
  287. Opra– (Hebrew) meaning “fawn”
  288. Orah– (Hebrew) meaning “light”
  289. Orla– (Celtic) meaning “golden princess”
  290. Ossa– (Greek) meaning “mother of King Sithon”
  291. Ovia– (Latin) meaning “egg”
  292. Page– (English) meaning “attendant”
  293. Pami– (unknown) meaning “sweetness, black”
  294. Paty– (Latin) meaning “noble”
  295. Penn– (Old English) meaning “hill”
  296. Peri– (Hebrew) meaning “result”
  297. Perl– (German) meaning “pearl”
  298. Peta– (Native American) meaning “golden eagle”
  299. Plum– (English) meaning “one living by the plum tree”
  300. Poet– (English) meaning “one who creates poetry”
  301. Pria– (Sanskrit) meaning “dear, beloved”
  302. Prim– (French) meaning “first”
  303. Prue– (Latin) meaning “good judgement”
  304. Quil– (English) meaning “feather”
  305. Quin– (Celtic) meaning “wise”
  306. Raia (Hebrew) meaning “friend”
  307. Rain– (American) meaning “blessings from above”
  308. Raya– (Arabic) meaning “flag”
  309. Raye– (Scottish) meaning “peaceful queen”
  310. Reba– (American) meaning “snare”
  311. Remi– (French) meaning “oarsman”
  312. Rhea– (Greek) meaning “flowing stream”
  313. Rhia– (Greek) meaning “flowing water”
  314. Riki– (Old German) meaning “peaceful ruler”
  315. Rita– (Spanish) meaning “pearl”
  316. Roma– (Italian) meaning “Rome”
  317. Romy– (German) meaning “dew of the ocean”
  318. Rory– (Scottish) meaning “red, red-haired”
  319. Rosa– (Spanish) meaning “rose, flower”
  320. Rose– (Latin) meaning “rose flower”
  321. Rosy– (Latin) meaning “rose flower”
  322. Roxy– (Persian) meaning “dawn”
  323. Ruby– (Latin) meaning “deep red stone”
  324. Ruth– (Hebrew) meaning “friend, companion”
  325. Sage– (Latin) meaning “wise”
  326. Samy– (Hebrew) meaning “God heard”
  327. Sana– (Indian) meaning “praise”
  328. Sara– (Hebrew) meaning “princess”
  329. Sela– (Hebrew) meaning “rock”
  330. Sena– (Arabic) meaning “the world’s beauty”
  331. Shae– (Irish) meaning “gift”
  332. Shay– (Irish) meaning “gift”
  333. Shia– (Arabic) meaning “praising God”
  334. Siah– (Iranian) meaning “black”
  335. Sira– (Latin) meaning “she who is from Syria”
  336. Siri– (Scandinavian) meaning “victory”
  337. Sita– (Indian) meaning “furrow”
  338. Skye– (English) meaning “sky”
  339. Snow– (English) meaning “purity, white”
  340. Sofi– (Greek) meaning “wisdom”
  341. Sola– (Spanish) meaning “lonely, alone”
  342. Star– (English) meaning “celestial body”
  343. Suzi– (Hebrew) meaning “lily”
  344. Suzy– (Hebrew) meaning “lily”
  345. Tami– (Japanese) meaning “let people see benefit”
  346. Tana– (Greek) meaning “fire”
  347. Tara– (Sanskrit) meaning “star”
  348. Teal– (American) meaning “color teal”
  349. Tesa– (Greek) meaning “late summer”
  350. Tess– (Greek) meaning “late summer”
  351. Thea– (Greek) meaning “gift of God”
  352. Tiah– (Greek) meaning “goddess”
  353. Tila– (Native American) meaning “in the black water”
  354. Tina– (Old English) meaning “river”
  355. Tish– (Latin) meaning “joy”
  356. Toni– (Hebrew) meaning “God is good”
  357. Tori– (English) meaning “winner”
  358. Tory– (Danish) meaning “victory”
  359. True– (English) meaning “genuine”
  360. Tula– (Spanish) meaning “leaping water”
  361. Tyra– (Old Norse) meaning “fighting thunder goddess”
  362. Ulia– (American) meaning “sea jewel”
  363. Ulma– (Latin) meaning “elm tree”
  364. Ursa– (Latin) meaning “little bear”
  365. Vale– (Latin) meaning “strong, healthy, valley”
  366. Valy– (Latin) meaning “strong, healthy, valley”
  367. Vana– (Cambodian) meaning “golden”
  368. Vera– (Russian) meaning “faith”
  369. Vida– (Spanish) meaning “life”
  370. Viki– (Latin) meaning “victory”
  371. Vina– (Spanish) meaning “vineyard”
  372. Vivi– (Latin) meaning “full of life”
  373. Wren– (English) meaning “small bird”
  374. Wynn– (English) meaning “friend”
  375. Xena– (Greek) meaning “stranger”
  376. Xyla– (Greek) meaning “wood-dweller”
  377. Yara– (Arabic) meaning “small butterfly”
  378. Yola– (Greek) meaning “flower blossom”
  379. Zaia– (Assyrian) meaning “light”
  380. Zara– (Arabic) meaning “blooming flower”
  381. Zina– (Africa) meaning “secret spirit”
  382. Zoey– (Greek) meaning “life”
  383. Zola– (Italian) meaning “lump or ball of earth”
  384. Zora– (Slavic) meaning “dawn”
  385. Zuri– (Swahili) meaning “beautiful”

♥Unique 4 Letter Girl Names

These rare names are perfect for your special baby girl!

4 letter girl names muslim
  • Adia
  • Adna
  • Aura
  • Avah
  • Axia
  • Blue
  • Cira
  • Daia
  • Enid
  • Enya
  • Gwyn
  • Halo
  • Inez
  • Jada
  • Jael
  • Lark
  • Love
  • Nena
  • Nour
  • Nova
  • Onyx
  • Opal
  • Poet
  • Quil
  • Sage
  • Shay
  • True
  • Tula
  • Xyla
  • Zuri

Elegant 4 Letter Girl Names

These graceful names will bring elegance and sophistication to your baby’s name!

4 letter girl names unique
  • Adel
  • Alia
  • Alys
  • Arya
  • Avah
  • Bela
  • Bryn
  • Cara
  • Dara
  • Dawn
  • Eden
  • Elia
  • Elle
  • Elsa
  • Elys
  • Emma
  • Enid
  • Enya
  • Erin
  • Esme
  • Fara
  • Fawn
  • Gala
  • Gwen
  • Ines
  • Iris
  • Isla
  • Ivey
  • Jade
  • Jude
  • Juna
  • Leia
  • Lila
  • Lily
  • Luna
  • Lynn
  • Mila
  • Nori
  • Nyla
  • Page
  • Poet
  • Quin
  • Ruth
  • Sena
  • Vera
  • Wren
  • Zola

♥Cool 4 Letter Girl Names♥

Looking for cool and trendy 4 letter girl name? This is the list for you!

four letter girl names with meaning
  • Alix
  • Arvi
  • Axia
  • Beck
  • Blue
  • Cece
  • Coco
  • Dana
  • Deja
  • Demi
  • Dina
  • Dixi
  • Halo
  • Hero
  • Jade
  • Jazz
  • Joan
  • Jojo
  • Katt
  • Kleo
  • Lilo
  • Lola
  • Mona
  • Niki
  • Prue
  • Roxy
  • Skye
  • Snow
  • Star
  • Tara
  • Teal
  • Tess
  • Xena
  • Zola

♥Popular 4 Letter Girl Names♥

These are among the most common 4 letter girl names!

four letter girl names starting with m
  • Anna
  • Anya
  • Aria
  • Aria
  • Asia
  • Beth
  • Cloe
  • Ella
  • Emma
  • Gina
  • Gwen
  • Iris
  • Isla
  • Jade
  • Jojo
  • Katy
  • Leah
  • Lila
  • Lily
  • Luna
  • Maya
  • Mila
  • Remi
  • Ruby
  • Ruth
  • Sage
  • Sara
  • Tara
  • Wynn
  • Zoey

♥4 Letter Girl Names Inspired By Nature♥

Are you fascinated by flowers, animals, and other beauties of nature? These 4 letter girl names are what you’re looking for!

four letter girl names beginning with t

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  • Asia– (Arabic) meaning “sunrise”
  • Aura– (Latin) meaning “wind”
  • Avah– (Latin) meaning “bird”
  • Ayla-(Sanskrit ) meaning “light, Earth, moonlight”
  • Cira– (Italian) meaning “sun”
  • Cloe– (Greek) meaning “blooming”
  • Dove– (American) meaning “bird of peace”
  • Fawn– (French) meaning “young deer”
  • Glen– (Scottish) meaning “meadow or valley”
  • Hali– (Greek) meaning “sea”
  • Hana– (Japanese) meaning “flower”
  • Ilma– (Scandinavian) meaning “air”
  • Iria– (Spanish) meaning “colorful, peace, rainbow”
  • Iris– (Greek) meaning “rainbow”
  • Isla– (Spanish) meaning “island”
  • Ivey– (English) meaning “ivy”
  • Jaci– (Native American) meaning “moon”
  • Jael– (Hebrew) meaning “wild mountain goat”
  • Lake– (English) meaning “body of water”
  • Lark– (American) meaning “songbird”
  • Lily– (English) meaning “purity, lily flower”
  • Loni– (Hawaiian) meaning “sky”
  • Luna– (Latin) meaning “moon”
  • Lyla– (Arabic) meaning “night”
  • Lynn– (Welsh) meaning “lake”
  • Mini– (Spanish) meaning “lady of the earth”
  • Miri– (Hebrew) meaning “of the sea”
  • Naia– (Hawaiian) meaning “dolphin”
  • Neve– (Latin) meaning “snow”
  • Nila– (Indian) meaning “blue, sky”
  • Nyla– (British) meaning “cloud”
  • Opra– (Hebrew) meaning “fawn”
  • Plum– (English) meaning “one living by the plum tree”
  • Quil– (English) meaning “feather”
  • Rhea– (Greek) meaning “flowing stream”
  • Rhia– (Greek) meaning “flowing water”
  • Romy– (German) meaning “dew of the ocean”
  • Rosa– (Spanish) meaning “rose, flower”
  • Rose– (Latin) meaning “rose flower”
  • Sela– (Hebrew) meaning “rock”
  • Skye– (English) meaning “sky”
  • Suzi– (Hebrew) meaning “lily”
  • Tila– (Native American) meaning “in the black water”
  • Tina– (Old English) meaning “river”
  • Tula– (Spanish) meaning “leaping water”
  • Ulma– (Latin) meaning “elm tree”
  • Ursa– (Latin) meaning “little bear”
  • Wren– (English) meaning “small bird”
  • Yara– (Arabic) meaning “small butterfly”
  • Yola– (Greek) meaning “flower blossom”
  • Zara– (Arabic) meaning “blooming flower”
  • Zola– (Italian) meaning “lump or ball of earth”

♥4 Letter Girl Names Inspired By Greek Mythology♥

These four letter girl names are all connected to Greek Mythology!

  • Aesaa goddess, “seeing”, or idea for fate/destiny
  • Araethe female spirits of curses
  • Clioas one of the nine muses, she was the muse of history
  • Echoa mountain nymph
  • Erisshe was the personification of strife
  • Gaiashe was the Greek goddess of Earth
  • Hebea beautiful daughter of Zeus who was the goddess of youth or the prime of life
  • Herawife of Zeus, Queen of Olympus, and Goddess of marriage and family
  • Heroshe was a priestess of Aphrodite
  • Irisshe was the personification of the rainbow
  • Koreshe was the goddess of spring, growth, and bounty
  • Ledashe was an Aetolian princess who then became a Spartan queen
  • LinaGoddess of weaving who used flax
  • Lyrarepresents the lyre of Orpheus
  • Maiashe was the eldest of Pleiad nymphs
  • Ossathe mother of King Sithon
  • Rheagoddess of female fertility, comfort and ease during childbirth
  • Theaone of the twelve titans

Final Thoughts on Four Letter Girl Names

Overall, there are so many factors to consider when choosing a baby name: the spelling, nicknames involved, the meaning, how it sounds, etc.

4 letter girl names are just the perfect length as they’re not too long and not too short. It’s no wonder they’re trending.

I hope this list helped you come closer to finding that perfect name for your baby girl, good luck mama!

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