215+ *Handsome* Middle Names for Benjamin You’ll Adore!

These Middle Names for Benjamin Will Absolutely Capture Your Heart!

Are you looking for some totally charming middle names for Benjamin? Here you’ll find some some perfect options!

I love a good middle name, but it can be tedious to find the perfect one! And let me tell you that there are TONS of middle names that pair well with first name Benjamin.

Lucky for you, here you’ll find that there are so many middle names that go with Benjamin, and each of these pair perfectly!

I am giving you the best short middle names, long middle names, cool and unique middle names, popular middle names, and Hispanic middle names in Spanish that work with first name Benjamin.

This list truly has it all!

Below you’ll also find my personal tips on how to choose the perfect middle name for your precious baby boy.

So if you’re ready, let’s dive right in!

Benjamin name meaning

According to BabyCenter, the name Benjamin means “son of the south” or “son of my old age”.

I really love the name Benjamin, and the fact that it’s a biblical boy name makes it that much more special.

The name Benjamin is of Hebrew origin, and it’s the name of the youngest of the 12 sons of Jacob in the bible.

What is a good middle name for Benjamin?

Here are my personal faves from today’s list!

Benjamin AdamBenjamin Michael
Benjamin AndrewBenjamin Samuel
Benjamin ElliotBenjamin Scott
Benjamin JamesBenjamin William
Benjamin LukeBenjamin Wyatt

Short middle names for Benjamin

Looking for something short and sweet? These middle name ideas are perfect!

Benjamin Ace

Benjamin Bear

Benjamin Bruce

Benjamin Bryce

Benjamin Bud

Benjamin Carl

Benjamin Cash

Benjamin Chris

Benjamin Clark

Benjamin Clyde

Benjamin Cole

Benjamin Dean

Benjamin Drake

Benjamin Drew

Benjamin Earl

Benjamin Ethan

Benjamin Ford

Benjamin Frank

Benjamin Gael

Benjamin Grant

Benjamin Grey

Benjamin Jay

Benjamin Jean

Benjamin Joab

Benjamin Joe

Benjamin Jude

Benjamin Keith

Benjamin Kyle

Benjamin Luke

Benjamin Lux

Benjamin Matt

Benjamin Nate

Benjamin Neil

Benjamin Paul

Benjamin Pierce

Benjamin Quinn

Benjamin Reed

Benjamin Reese

Benjamin Rey

Benjamin Ron

Benjamin Ross

Benjamin Roy

Benjamin Scott

Benjamin Troy

Long middle names for Benjamin

These long middle names are perfect for baby Benjamin.

Benjamin Alexander

Benjamin Ambrose

Benjamin Andrew

Benjamin Anthony

Benjamin Atticus

Benjamin August

Benjamin Bennett

Benjamin Cameron

Benjamin Chandler

Benjamin Christopher

Benjamin Edmund

Benjamin Edward

Benjamin Emerson

Benjamin Everett

Benjamin Elliot

Benjamin Emery

Benjamin Fletcher

Benjamin Frederick

Benjamin Gregory

Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Hendricks

Benjamin Houston

Benjamin Jackson

Benjamin Lawrence

Benjamin Matthew

Benjamin Michael

Benjamin Nicholas

Benjamin Sullivan

Benjamin William

Benjamin Zachary

Cool and unique middle names for Benjamin

These middle names are super cool and unique, perfect for your awesome baby boy!

Benjamin Aevin

Benjamin Aiden

Benjamin Arie

Benjamin Arlo

Benjamin Axel

Benjamin Caleb

Benjamin Callum

Benjamin Carter

Benjamin Cooper

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Dawson

Benjamin Deacon

Benjamin Duncan

Benjamin Ernest

Benjamin Ezra

Benjamin Gavin

Benjamin Harper

Benjamin Harris

Benjamin Holden

Benjamin Isaac

Benjamin Jasper

Benjamin Jayden

Benjamin Kyler

Benjamin Lennox

Benjamin Liam

Benjamin Lincoln

Benjamin Lino

Benjamin Logan

Benjamin Marlo

Benjamin Milo

Benjamin Otis

Benjamin Otto

Benjamin Roland

Benjamin Roman

Benjamin Rowan

Benjamin Russell

Benjamin Ryder

Benjamin Sawyer

Benjamin Thatcher

Benjamin Theo

Benjamin Tucker

Benjamin Tyson

Benjamin Wade

Benjamin Wallace

Benjamin West

Benjamin Wyatt

Benjamin Zane

Classic middle names for Benjamin

Want something classic and timeless?

These middle names are perfect!

Benjamin Aaron

Benjamin Adam

Benjamin Albert

Benjamin Alex

Benjamin Allen

Benjamin Arnold

Benjamin Arthur

Benjamin Austin

Benjamin Bobby

Benjamin Bryan

Benjamin Charles

Benjamin Connor

Benjamin David

Benjamin Eli

Benjamin Ethan

Benjamin George

Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Harry

Benjamin Henry

Benjamin Jacob

Benjamin James

Benjamin Jordan

Benjamin Joseph

Benjamin Leo

Benjamin Louis

Benjamin Lucas

Benjamin Martin

Benjamin Nathan

Benjamin Noah

Benjamin Nolan

Benjamin Oliver

Benjamin Oscar

Benjamin Owen

Benjamin Parker

Benjamin Peter

Benjamin Phillip

Benjamin Riley

Benjamin Robert

Benjamin Ryan

Benjamin Simon

Benjamin Steven

Benjamin Thomas

Benjamin Trevor

Benjamin Vincent

Benjamin Wayne

Benjamin Will

Hispanic middle names for Benjamin | Middle names for Benjamin in Spanish

Needing a middle name that sounds good in English and Spanish?

This is the list for you!

Benjamin Adán

Benjamin Alejandro

Benjamin Alonzo

Benjamin Andrés

Benjamin Antonio

Benjamin Bautista

Benjamin Benicio

Benjamin Camilo

Benjamin Carlos

Benjamin Daniel

Benjamin Domingo

Benjamin Edgar

Benjamin Eduardo

Benjamin Emiliano

Benjamin Emmanuel

Benjamin Enrique

Benjamin Everardo

Benjamin Fabian

Benjamin Fausto

Benjamin Fernando

Benjamin Gabriel

Benjamin Israel

Benjamin Ivan

Benjamin Javier

Benjamin Joel

Benjamin Jose

Benjamin Josue

Benjamin León

Benjamin Leonardo

Benjamin Lorenzo

Benjamin Manuel

Benjamin Mateo

Benjamin Matías

Benjamin Mauricio

Benjamin Nestor

Benjamin Nico

Benjamin Noé

Benjamin Orlando

Benjamin Rafael

Benjamin Rodrigo

Benjamin Rubén

Benjamin Samuel

Benjamin Santiago

Benjamin Sebastian

Benjamin Silvestre

Benjamin Tadeo

Benjamin Uriel

Benjamin Victor

Benjamin Vidal

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How to decide on a middle name

Deciding on a middle name can be just as hard as deciding on a first name.

To help you decide on the perfect middle name for Benjamin, here are some helpful tips:

Say the two names out loud

Saying the two names together out loud will help you decide if you really do love the name. If it has a nice ring to it, then it might be the one!


Consider the meaning of the first name and middle name. Do you like how the two meanings come together? Some couples really care about creating a name that means something special, but other couples don’t necessarily focus on the meaning at all. Where do you stand with this?


Is there a particular theme you want the names to have? Are you going for a vintage, country, modern, or boho style? Or do you want a classic or strong baby name?

Naming after someone significant

Many people choose to use the middle name to honor a special person in their lives such as a family member. Do you want to do the same?


Are you wanting a short or long middle name for Benjamin?


Once you have your heart set on a middle name, consider the spelling. Do you want the traditional spelling of the name or a variation of the spelling?

What are nicknames for Benjamin?

There are so many cute nicknames you can use for the name Benjamin. Here are some of my favorites!

  • Ben
  • Benny
  • Bennie
  • Beni
  • Benji
  • Benj
  • Benson
  • Jay
  • Benny boy
  • Benny bear

Sibling names for Benjamin

If you’re anything like me, then you’re also planning the names of any future kids you’ll have after baby boy Benjamin.

I like to pick out baby names that sound good together, so I want to help you out by giving you some cute baby boy and baby girl names that sound good wit Benjamin.

Here are some of the best sibling names that go with Benjamin.

Girl names that go with Benjamin (for sister)

  • Cora
  • Ruth
  • Rachel
  • Eileen
  • Eliza
  • Penelope
  • Mary
  • Leah
  • Emmy
  • Grace
  • Caroline
  • Emmeline
  • Clare
  • Rebecca
  • Emily
  • Lily
  • Lilliana
  • Lucy

Boy names that go with Benjamin (for brother)

  • Alexander
  • Gabriel
  • Matthew
  • Joseph
  • Peter
  • Seth
  • Simon
  • Nicholas
  • Samuel
  • Malcolm
  • Robert
  • Zachary
  • Gordon
  • Felix
  • Hugo
  • Francis
  • Abel
  • Jonah

First name for Benjamin

Some couples are torn between whether they like the name Benjamin for a first name or middle name for their baby boy.

Switching the order of any of the 215 names from above may not necessary work in this case. Names may sound off once you switch Benjamin to the middle name spot, which is why I’m giving you some of the best first names that go with Benjamin.

  • Elliot Benjamin
  • Oliver Benjamin
  • Lyle Benjamin
  • Felix Benjamin
  • Christopher Benjamin
  • Rory Benjamin
  • Taylor Benjamin
  • Joshua Benjamin
  • Lucas Benjamin
  • Tyler Benjamin
  • Cole Benjamin
  • Owen Benjamin
  • Drew Benjamin
  • Eli Benjamin

Wrap Up: What are good middle names for Benjamin?

As I mentioned earlier, a few of my personal favorite name combinations with Benjamin are Benjamin Elliot, Benjamin James, and Benjamin Michael, but there are SO many other middle names that pair well with first name Benjamin.

Look through this list a couple of times, and go through my tips in helping you narrow down your search.

I really hope you find that perfect middle name for your baby boy, one that is as precious as your beautiful blessing.

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