75+ Baby Names That Mean Jewel, Gemstone or Crystal [Boys+Girls!]

The BEST Baby Names that Mean Jewel, Gemstone, Crystal, or Diamond for Your Precious Gem of a Baby! [boys+girls!]

Looking for totally gorgeous baby names that mean jewel, gemstone, crystal, or diamond? This is the ultimate list of gem names for boys and girls!

Jewel or gemstone names add elegance to your baby’s name, and if you’re someone who loves crystals, diamonds, jewels, stones, basically all things beautiful rocks, this is the list for you!

Here are some of my favorite names that mean jewel, gemstone, crystal, or diamond that are among the most trendy.

Baby girl names that mean jewel, gemstone, crystal, or diamond

1. Amber

This rare gemstone has Arabic and Celtic roots and is one of the most well-known gemstone names for baby girls. The amber colored gemstone is perfect for your fierce little girl!

2. Aquamarine

If you love the sea or your baby girl is due in March, this is the perfect gemstone name for your baby since it’s the March birthstone.

3. Crystal

Crystal is one of the more obvious names for this list, but it’s just so pretty and feminine, how could you not love this name?!

4. Diamond

This is another obvious name for the list, but why not just go with the name ‘Diamond’ for your precious, rare beauty? It’s also the April birthstone!

5. Emerald

This beautiful green gemstone would add elegance to your baby girl, and it’d be a bonus if you or your husband’s favorite color was green! It’s also the May birthstone.

6. Esmeralda

As an alternative to “Emerald”, Esmeralda is the Spanish version of this name, which you might remember from the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

7. Garnet

This pretty dark red gemstone adds an edgy vibe to the baby name Garnet! It’s also the January birthstone!

8. Gemma

Gemma is an Italian name that actually means “precious stone” or “gem”.

9. Goldie

Goldie is a cute alternative to “gold” and is of Yiddish origin.

10. Hortensia

This name comes from the Hortensia Diamond, which was mined in India. The Hortensia Diamond is also part of the French Crown Jewels, how fancy!

11. Opal

This super pretty October birthstone dates back to the late Victorian era, when the name Opal came into usage. If your baby is due for October, Opal is also the October birthstone.

12. Petra

It may be a little off, but the Greek name Petra means “stone” or “rock”.

13. Sapphire

This bold blue gemstone, which also happens to be the September birthstone, is perfect for your bold, fierce, yet elegant and timeless baby girl! Sapphire is also the September birthstone!

Boy names that mean jewel, gemstone, crystal, or diamond

14. Adi

This cute Hebrew boy name means “jewel”, the name itself is super adorable, it won’t even need a nickname!

15. Bronze

The brownish/copper metal alloy adds some edginess to your baby boy!

16. Granite

It’s definitely not the most well-known boy name out there, but it certainly has a very earthy vibe!

17. Kyanite

This blue crystal is known for its calming, grounding energy, which is perfect for a very calm and peaceful baby!

18. Mani

In Hebrew, the name Mani means “jewel.” Mani is another one of those boy names that won’t be needing a nickname as it sounds great and adorable on its own!

19. Obsidian

The name Obsidian gives off a very dark and edgy vibe given its black color and the fact that it’s a naturally occurring volcanic glass.

20. Quartz

It seems like nowadays everyone and their mothers are obsessed with quartz countertops, so why not go with the name Quartz that sounds super cool and stylish?

21. Rubin

Rubin is the male alternative to the name “Ruby,” how perfect if you were having twins!

22. Sterling

Who doesn’t love sterling silver? Going with Sterling for your baby boy’s name would be so stylish and fancy!

23. Thurston

This Old Norse/Old English name refers to “Thor’s stone”. This is definitely one of the most powerful references for this baby names list.

Classic jewel or gemstone girl names

24. Coral

In Latin, Coral refers to “semi-precious stone”; this form of sealife can also be used to make jewelry.

25. Gem

It’s simple, classy, and timeless. The name Gem can be the perfect name for your baby girl!

26. Jade

Jade is another one of those very stylish and classy names. The jade stone is also known for increasing fortune and improving maturity in relationships, wow!

27. Jewel

Jewel may be a generic gemstone name, but it’s definitely timeless and elegant.

28. Megan

You may not have known this, but the name Megan means “pearl”. So if you want a gemstone-related name that is not so obvious, Megan is perfect!

29. Pearl

Pearls are the definition of classiness and elegance, so this is the perfect name for your high-class baby girl! If your baby is due in June, the pearl is also the June birthstone.

30. Penina

This Hebrew name means “pearl” or “precious stone.” So again, if you don’t want a very obvious gemstone name, this is another contender! If you remember, Pnina (a name alternative to Penina) Tornai is an AMAZING wedding dresses designer from Say Yes to the Dress!

31. Ruby

You can’t go wrong with the name Ruby. This beauty of a name and gemstone is one of the most popular and elegant of all! It’s also the July birthstone!

32. Soraya

This really pretty Persian/Arabic name means “gem” or “jewel.”

33. Tiffany

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the Tiffany diamond makes the name Tiffany a great choice for a baby girl name!

Classic jewel or gemstone boy names

34. Copper

Copper is the perfect name that’s between a cute and edgy vibe.

35. Dustin

You may not have known this, but the name Dustin means “Thor’s stone.” So Dustin may not be an obvious gemstone or jewel name, but it’s worth adding to the list!

36. Jasper

This super neat Persian boy name means “bringer of treasure.” Since your baby is your new treasure, the name’s perfect!

37. Jem

Jem can be considered the male alternative to the name “gem”.

38. Jet

This awesome boy name means “black gemstone”.

39. Micah

This Latin metal name can also be spelled “Mica”.

40. Silver

Silver is one of the more obvious names on this list, but it makes a really stylish boy’s name!

41. Stone

Want something more earthy? The name “Stone” might be the perfect name for your baby!

Unique and Modern gemstone or jewel names for girls

42. Adaya

Not only does the name Adaya sound chic and modern, but the name means “God’s jewel” or “precious charm of God” how beautiful is that??

43. Agate

The name Agate can mean “stone”, “jewel”, or “diamond” depending on the name’s origin. Some really cool fun facts are that agate is a guardian angel birthstone for October and it’s a trendy and modern stone for jewelry making.

44. Alexandrite

The beautiful gemstone means “defender of mankind”, and it’s also a unique alternative to name the Alexandra. It’s also the June birthstone!

45. Alira

This really pretty name can mean “quartz stone”, quartz crystal”, or “gem quartz”.

46. Almandine

This modern girl name alludes to the almandine crystal, which is known to cultivate a sense of security, safety, and abundance.

47. Ametrine

This quartz crystal means “inner strength”, which could be really fitting for a baby girl name!

48. Angelite

As an alternative to the name “Angel”, the crystal name Angelite is totally unique!

49. Beryl

This light green semi-precious gemstone is a modern name for a baby girl!

50. Bijou

Want something extra unique for a gem or jewel girl name? The name Bijou is French and means “jewel”!

51. Carnelian

This reddish stone name makes a a very distinct, unique girl name.

52. Citrine

The citrine quartz makes a cool, modern, and rare girl name. Citrine is also the November birthstone in case your baby is born in November!

53. Manika

Manika is a really cute girl name that means “of jewels” or just “jewels”.

54. Margot

I love this name! Margot is a modern and trendy name that means “pearl”.

55. Neelam

The name Neelam refers to a “blue sapphire”, so if you love sapphires, but want a less obvious gemstone baby name, Neelam is perfect!

56. Peridot

This is another very modern and chic baby girl name referring to the pretty green gemstone. If your baby is due in August, even more reason to name your baby Peridot as it’s the August birthstone!

57. Rumi

This super cute Japanese name represents the blue gemstone called lapis lazuli.

58. Tanzanite

This gorgeous gemstone was actually named after the country Tanzania, which is where it was discovered. It also makes a very unique girl name. Tanzanite is also one of the birthstones for the month of December.

59. Ulia/Ula

The name Ulia or Ula both mean “sea jewel”, how perfect if you love the sea!

Unique and Modern gemstone or jewel names for boys

60. Axton

This modern boy name means “swordsman’s stone”, how cool!

61. Cullinan

If you love diamonds, the Cullinan diamond is one of the most famous diamonds, and it makes a cool, modern boy name!

62. Flint

The flint stone could make Flint a super cool and unique boy name.

63. Kin

This awesome Japanese name means “gold” or “golden”.

64. Malachite

As an alternative to the name Malachai, the name Malachite refers to the green malachite crystal.

65. Onyx

Onyx is such a powerful-sounding boy name. The name means “black gemstone” and it makes one very unique boy name.

66. Orloff/Orlov

Either spelled Orloff or Orlov, this type of diamond is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s perfect for a baby boy name.

67. Oro

This very posh boy name means “gold” in Spanish!

68. Regent

Another diamond name! Naming your son after the regent diamond is a very modern and chic way to go.

69. Slate

This gray-green rock makes a cool, earthy, and modern boy name.

70. Zahavi

This Hebrew name means “gold”, and “Havi” would make such a cute nickname!

71. Zircon

This gemstone makes Zircon a very unique boy name. If your baby is born in December, Zircon is also the birthstone for December.

Gender neutral Baby Names inspired by jewels, gemstones, crystals, or diamonds

72. Amethyst

This purple gemstone makes a really cool and unique baby name that is gender-neutral. It’s also the February birthstone!

73. Halston

Halston is another unisex name that means “holy stone”, how beautiful is that??

74. Moonstone

Moonstone is probably the most boho/hippie name in the list, but if you’re into this vibe, Moonstone makes an awesome baby name for boys and girls!

75. Topaz

This golden gem is a perfect name for your precious golden gem baby girl or boy. Topaz is also the November birthstone.

76. Turquoise

This French gender-neutral baby name is very trendy and it’s perfect if you love the turquoise stone or color. Turquoise is also one of the birthstones for the month of December.

Best boy and girl names that mean crystal, jewel, gemstone, or diamond

Some of the most popular and trendy baby girl or boy names that mean crystal, jewel, gemstone, or diamond are the following names. You just can’t go wrong with any of these!

  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Jade
  • Amber
  • Crystal
  • Jem
  • Jet
  • Jasper
  • Sterling
  • Onyx

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