81 *Powerful* Baby Names That Mean Storm, Lightning, or Thunder

The BEST Baby Names That Mean Storm, Lightning, or Thunder

Looking for baby names that mean storm, lightning or thunder to match your baby’s fierce and striking personality?

The trend nowadays is finding strong names that have a powerful meaning such as “storm” or “thunder”. It’s no wonder baby names such as ‘Stormy’ and ‘Thor’ have grown in popularity!

Here are some of the BEST baby names that mean storm, lightning, or thunder that are for girls, boys, and are gender-neutral!

Baby girl names that mean storm, lightning, or thunder

1. Aashni

  • Aashni is a super unique name that is of Indian origin. The name generally means “lightning” and you can definitely make up some cute nicknames such as “Ash” or “Nini” for this name!

2. Adhira

  • The name Adhira is of Sanskrit, Indian, and Hindu origin and means “lightning” or “divine white lightning.” Some cute nicknames used are “Addy” or “Hira”.

3. Aella

  • When referring to a storm, Aella specifically means “whirlwind”. The name is of Greek Mythology, referring to one of Hippolyte’s Amazons, perfect for your strong baby girl!

4. Amihan

  • Amihan actually comes from the Tagalog language and means “winter storm” or “Northeast monsoon”.

5. Asterope

  • This rare name means “lightning” according to its Greek origin.

6. Audra

  • Audra is one of those names that sound so pretty and yet strong at the same time. The name is of Old English origin but is often used in Scotland. Audra means “storm”.

7. Ayla

  • Ayla has many different meanings because of its different origins, but my favorite is “stormy night sky.” The meaning is so unique, and the name sounds so pretty and rolls off the tongue. Ayla is of Turkish, German, Scottish, and Hebrew origin.

8. Bronte

  • Traditionally, the name Bronte is a girl’s name of Greek origin and means “thunder”. It’s not your typical cute-sounding name, but it does come off as a strong and powerful name to match your baby girl’s personality!

9. Damini

  • This is such as cute name! Damini is of Hindi and Indian origin and means “lightning”. If you like this name, you can definitely use “Mini” as a super cute nickname for your baby girl!

10. Dima

  • Dima is of Muslim and Arabic origin that means “thunder or lightning that accompanies an incessant gentle rain”. How pretty is that??

11. Ekaitz

  • This is one of the most unique names in this list. Ekaitz is of Basque origin and means “storm”.

12. Elektra

  • When referring to a storm, Elektra means “incandescent” or “amber” and is of Greek origin. So maybe not much of a stormy name, but the name does sound electrifying.

13. Hail

  • Although this name means “life” in Hebrew, the name can simply refer to a hail storm given the same “hail” spelling.

14. Indira

  • Indira has a lot of different meanings given the different origins. For instance, in the Hindu origin, the name refers to the “God of Thunderstorms.”

15. Kapheira

  • In the Greek origin, Kapheira means “storm breath”.

16. Levina

  • In the Latin origin, Levina referrs to a “lightning bolt”. You can easily use the nickname “Vina” or “Levy” for this name.

17. Lyn

  • This is another name that will have many different meanings. Based on the Norwegian origin, Lyn means “lightning”.

18. Reva

  • Maybe it’s not entirely a stormy name, but in its Hindi origins, the name means “rain”.

19. Stormy

  • Ok so this one is pretty obvious, but why not just go with this super cute, popular, and straightforward name that refers to “storm”?

20. Thora

  • Thora means “thunder goddess” or “thunder” according to its Norse origin and Scandinavian origin. It’s definitely one of the strongest names on this list!

21. Tempest

  • According to its Latin origins, Tempest means “stormy”. It’s a cute and subtle name for any baby girl!

22. Vetra

  • According to the Latvian and Lithuanian origins, the rare name Vetra means “storm” or “windstorm”.

23. Zilan

  • This cool stormy name means “storm” or “wind” according to the Kurdish origin.

Baby Boy names that mean storm, lightning, or thunder

24. Adad

  • The name Adad is of Greek origin, and it refers to the god of storm and flood. The name is short but mighty and will sure make your baby stand out from the rest!

25. Baran

  • Baran has many different origins, but according to the Persian, Kurdish, and Turkish origin, Baran means “flood” or “rain”.

26. Barak

  • The Hebrew name Barak means “lightning”. It has a powerful sound to the name as well don’t you think?

27. Blitz

  • This German name means “lightning”. This name just rolls off the tongue and sounds adorable!

28. Bolt

  • Although the name Bolt means “from the manor farm”, the name itself as the English word refers to a lightning bolt. Bolt is a short but sweet name for your baby boy.

29. Donar

  • This is such a cool boy’s name! Donar, according to the Scandinavian origin, means “God of Thunder”. In German, Donar also refers to “ancient thunder God”.

30. Gale

  • The Hebrew name Gale refers to “sea storm”. What’s also great about this name is that the word in itself also means “a very strong wind”.

31. Guntur

  • Guntur is a really cool boy’s name that means “thunder” and is of Hindi origin.

32. Hadad

  • Coming from the Aramaic language, Hadad means “thunder”. Additionally, according to Semitic mythology, Hadad was also the god of thunder and storms.

33. Hanish

  • The Hindu name Hanish means “one who forewarns storms”, how cool is that??

34. Mellan

  • This Irish-Gaelic name means “little lightning”, perfect for your little guy!

35. Petir

  • Petir is an Indonesian name that means “thunder”, “lightning”, “thunderbolt”, or “thunderclap”.

36. Ra’d

  • This awesome name is Arabic and means “thunder”. What a “rad” name for your baby boy 😉

37. Ramiel

  • Ramiel is a great name on its own, but you can also use the cute nickname “Rami”! Ramiel is a Hebrew name and means “thunder of God”.

38. Ramman

  • This rare name refers to “god of storms and wind” and corresponds Babylonian Adad. “Ram” is the perfect nickname to use!

39. Stormur

  • Deriving from Old English, Stormur no surprise means “storm”.

40. Sturm

  • Another name that is very straightforward and means “storm” according to its German roots.

41. Styrmir

  • If you’re looking for a strong-sounding name, this is a winner. From Old Norse, the name Styrmir means “one who causes storms”.

42. Taranis

  • According to Celtic mythology, the name Taranis refers to “god of thunder”.

43. Thor

  • This is one of the most popular and trending names on this list! The Scandinavian name Thor, as you may know, means “thunder” or also refers to the “Norse god of thunder”.

44. Thunderstorm

  • The first and only time I’ve heard this name was during a season of The Voice. Not only did the contestant mesmerize the audience with his voice, but his name ‘Thunderstorm” also caught everyone’s attention!

45. Torben

  • The Norse name Torben refers to “thunder bear”, how adorable is that??

46. Torm

  • According to the Estonian origins, the name Torm means “storm”.

47. Tufani

  • The name Tufani is of Bengali origin. This rare but cool name means “a very strong blowing”.

48. Yashin

  • This rare Uzbeki name means “lightning”. This is definitely one of the most unique names from this list!

49. Zeus

  • How can you not mention Zeus in a list of names that allude to storms, thunder, or lightning? As you may know, the Greek god Zeus was the “god of thunder, lightning, and sky”.

50. Zryan

  • This cool stormy name is of Kurdish origins and means “storm”. Of all the names that directly mean “storm” this one really stands out from the rest!
storm and lightning

Gender-neutral names that mean storm, lightning, or thunder

51. Capala

  • This Hindi unisex name means “lightning” or “swift”.

52. Dorrin

  • Dorrin has a few different meanings because of its different origins, but overall the Irish name can be used for both boys and girls and means “tempest”.

53. Indra

  • Indra also has a few different origins, but the Indian/Sanskrit unisex name means “one who controls the rain” or “possessing drops of rain”.

54. Jupiter

  • As the Roman equivalent to Zeus, Jupiter was the Roman god of lightning. Despite the meaning of the name, Jupiter can be used as a girl’s name as well!

55. Kutsa

  • According to the Hindu origin, the gender-neutral name Kutsa means “lightning”.

56. Perun

  • If you like Slavis mythology, Perun is a name you can use for a boy or girl that refers to “the god of lighting” and means “thunder” in Slavic.

57. Saar

  • Because of its different origins and meanings, Saar is a name that can used for both boys and girls. For this list, Saar means “storm” according to its Hebrew origin.

58. Storm

  • Why not just go with the name Storm?? It’s the most straightforward name and sounds awesome for either a baby girl or boy!

59. Taima

  • According to its Native American origin, the gender-neutral name Taima means “thunder”.

60. Thunder

  • I also just love the idea of choosing another straightforward name such as “Thunder”. It’s unique, strong, and can be used for a girl or boy!

61. Toril

  • This really cool Scandinavian name means “thunder”.

Spanish names that mean storm

62. Lluvia

  • Maybe it doesn’t quite refer to a great storm, but Lluvia is a really pretty and elegant girl’s name that means “rain” in Spanish.

63. Rayo

  • Rayo is a cool baby name that means “bright light” or “lightning bolt” in Spanish. It’s so unique and can be used for both boys and girls.

64. Tormenta

  • The literal translation of Tormenta is “storm” in Spanish. Tormenta would most likely be used as a baby girl name.

65. Tornado

  • This perfect Spanish-English cognate refers to “tornado”. This would most often be used as a baby boy’s name.

66. Trueno

  • This cool baby boy name means “thunder” in Spanish.

French names that mean storm

67. Aliza

  • This pretty French baby girl name refers to “whirlwind-footed”.

68. Alizée

  • As an alternative to Aliza, the girl name Alizée means “trade wind”. I honestly really like both names, it’s hard to choose between the two!

69. Corentin

  • This interesting French baby boy name means “tempest” or “hurricane”.

70. Foudre

  • This French baby boy name sounds so cool and fancy. Foudre means “thunderbolt” or “flash of lightning”.

71. Tempest

  • Tempest has both Latin and French origins, and it means “stormy” or “turbulent”. Tempest is a gender-neutral baby name.

Japanese names that mean storm

72. Amaya

  • This super pretty Japanese girl’s name means “night rain”.

73. Arashi

  • Because of its different meanings and origins, Arashi can be used for both girls and boys. According to its Japanese roots, however, the name means “storm” or “tempest”.

74. Haiden

  • This trendy unisex name refers to the “Japanese god of thunder and storm”.

75. Kaminari

  • This really cool name means “thunder” according to its Japanese origins. Kaminari is primarily used as a girl’s name.

76. Nariko

  • Nariko is primarily a girl’s name according to its Japanese origins. The name means “thunder”.

77. Rai

  • Rai is of Japanese origin and it means “lightning” or “thunder”. This stormy name can be used for both boys and girls.

78. Raicho

  • This super cool girl’s name means “thunderbird” or “lightning” according to its Japanese origins.

79. Raiden

  • The Japanese boy’s name Raiden is an alternative to Rai in case you’re wanting a longer name. Raiden refers to the “god of thunder and lightning”.

80. Raijin

  • According to Japanese mythology, this boy’s name means “thunder” and also refers to the “god of thunder and storms” again according to Japanese mythology.

81. Ranto

  • Ranto is a unique Japanese boy’s name that means “storm” or “tempest”. Ran can be a cute nickname used for Ranto.
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