How to Move Forward From a Breakup While Pregnant

How to Get Through a Breakup While Pregnant

couple breaking up while pregnant

Want to know how to move forward from a breakup while pregnant? Here are the 9 steps to take to ensure you make it through this heartbreak.

Going through a pregnancy is hard enough, let alone after a break up. You feel lost, hurt, and maybe you’re starting to wonder if you can even do this alone.

It’s natural to feel helpless right after a breakup and not know what to do. But know that you are not alone.

I know being in your position is not easy right now, but know that you are strong and there are some things you can do to help you move forward.

By following these steps on how to handle a breakup while pregnant, you’ll feel a lot stronger to tackle on the rest of your pregnancy until the day you meet your baby.

This post is all about how to move forward from a breakup while pregnant.

How do I deal with a break up while pregnant?

1. Give yourself time to grieve and heal

Do not feel in a rush to move on. Your body needs to feel out the emotions, and that may take time. It’s perfectly okay to cry it out for days or even weeks after the breakup.

2. Find healthy coping methods

I would first suggest you to reach out to your doctor. Every pregnancy is different, and a breakup can really impact your pregnancy.

The last thing you’ll want is for the breakup to take a huge toll on your body and harm the baby. Too much stress can affect the pregnancy, so it’s important to find coping strategies that can help reduce the stress.

After talking to your doctor about coping strategies, also consider doing things that personally would give you some peace of mind.

Go for a walk every day. Go to the park or beach. Stay away from social media. Spend time with your pets. Make sure you get regular sleep. Lean on your closest friends and family. Do what will help your mind and body heal.

pregnant woman moving on from breakup

3. Don’t blame yourself

Your emotions are running high already due to your pregnancy hormones, but don’t let it come to the point where you are being hard on yourself and blaming yourself for the breakup.

At the end of the day, you cannot blame yourself for the two of you ending the relationship. It takes two to work through a relationship, and if ultimately things didn’t work out, it’s not your fault.

4. Lean on your friends and family

Your friends and family will be your rock in this situation. Lean on them. Cry to them. Talk it out with them. Spend time with them.

Spending that time with the closest people to you will help you feel whole again. They will be the ones to make you smile and laugh when you most need to.

5. Consider support groups

If you have tried multiple things, and nothing seems to be working for you, then absolutely consider reaching out to a support group for help. Sometimes we need this professional advice and guidance and that’s perfectly understandable.

Again, consult with your doctor to find the best resources for you. Support groups may be the type of support you need the most.

6. Focus on the future

Ultimately, your relationship must stay in the past. It ended for a reason, and now it’s time to only focus on what’s to come: your baby.

Eventually, you’ll want to stop replaying the relationship and breakup in your mind. Forget about the arguments and challenges you had.

However involved the father will be, if at all, it’s crucial for you to remember that your baby is your priority.

7. Keep yourself busy, especially by preparing for the baby

Make a list of everything you still need to do for the big day. Do you have your hospital bag ready? What other baby gear do you still need? Have you finished the nursery?

To add on to this list, add the things that you personally enjoy doing. Keep yourself busy by taking walks, organize and decorate your home, meet up with friends, go shopping, etc.

It’s also not a bad idea to stay busy at work or school. If it keeps your mind distracted and busy, this may be what you need to keep yourself going.

pregnant woman dealing with breakup keeping busy

8. Focus on the health of you and your baby

Apart from healing emotionally, you cannot forget to take care of yourself physically.

Going through the breakup can really cause distress in your body, ultimately affecting the pregnancy. You may also lose sleep for this and have a loss of appetite.

Get regular sleep, eat and exercise as needed. Your baby’s health depends on it.

9. Make a plan for the birth and what comes after

You may have to discuss certain logistics with the father as the birth day approaches. Will he still be involved? To what extent?

The decision must be made as to whether he will still be your birth partner and what his role will be when the baby arrives. As uncomfortable and difficult these discussions may be, it is important to discuss these logistics sooner rather than later.

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Can heartbreak affect pregnancy?

Absolutely. A study from Harvard Health Publishing found that in the case of pregnant women feeling depressed, their newborns can become irritable, lethargic, and have irregular sleep habits. They may also grow to be underweight, emotionally unresponsive, be slow learners, and have behavioral problems.

Can babies feel when Mom is sad?

Research has shown that throughout pregnancy, your baby receives chemical and hormonal signals through the placenta. These signals are connected to your emotional state, meaning that whatever emotions you are feeling, the baby is also experiencing them.

So not only does your baby know when you are sad, but your baby is also feeling what you are feeling.

Is it common for couples to break up during pregnancy?

There may not be an exact percentage of couples that break up during pregnancy, but statistics show that it’s less than 20%.

How do you deal with pregnancy without a partner?

Every breakup is different, and not every woman will mourn the relationship the same way. However, the tips mentioned above can certainly give you some answers as to how to navigate your pregnancy journey without a partner.

Remember that you are not alone. You have friends and family who will be there for you in every way. A support group can also be an amazing support system for you.

You may not have a partner, but you will have a village.

Final thoughts on dealing with a breakup during pregnancy

Going through a breakup is always going to be hard and even more so when you’re an expecting mother.

Follow these steps and you’ll have some guidance on how to move forward from a breakup while pregnant.

**If you have any additional tips or advice for any mamas going through a breakup during pregnancy, please share in the comments.

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This post was all about how to move forward from a breakup while pregnant

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