21 Obvious Signs He Wants a Baby With You

Give-Away Signs That He Wants a Baby With You

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Is your man suddenly showing signs he wants a baby with you? If he’s doing any of these things, then he clearly has symptoms of baby fever.

The idea of having a baby is just as exciting for men as it is for women. I know my husband is always bringing up the baby topic, and if your man is anything like mine, then he is probably showing you signs he wants a baby too.

First let’s dive right into the 21 signs he wants to be a dad. Just a word of caution, however, that the last two signs can be a red flag. They are signs he wants to trap you into having a baby.

Later you’ll also learn the secrets to what makes a man want to have a baby with you, the truth behind the question Do men get baby fever? and even more FAQs!

By the end, you’ll have a better idea as to whether or not your man is secretly longing for a baby with you.

This post is all about the obvious signs he wants a baby with you. 

Signs He Wants to Be a Dad

1. He Has a Different Energy Around Kids Now

If your guy used to be grouchy or irritable around kids, and now you see him calm yet excited around them, then this may be your first sign.

You might catch him playing with little kids at parties or eager to hold someone else’s baby. Either way, he’s showing you he’s definitely warmed up to the little ones.

2. He Grabs Your Belly Even Though You’re Not Pregnant

Okay maybe he might not do this, but I definitely know a couple of men who have. He probably just can’t wait for you to be pregnant so he can begin grabbing your belly.

Don’t be weirded out if he does this. It’s just his first way of showing you how he’ll care for you and the baby if you were to get pregnant.

3. He’s Already Talking About Baby Names

A man just doesn’t talk about baby names for nothing. If he has taken the time and thought to find names he likes, it’s because he’s already thinking about his future kids.

4. He Describes What Your Kids Will Look Like or Be Like

He might say things like “our kids are going to have my height and your eyes” or something along those lines. He might also predict what their personalities or talents are going to be.

Either way, he’s already picturing having kids with you!

5. He Suddenly Starts Asking His Friends and Family About Fatherhood

A man who is longing to have a child may ask his male friends or family about fatherhood. He may ask about how to raise a child, what the challenges are, or he may even talk about what kind of dad he wants to be one day.

Touching on the baby subject rather than talking about other things like sports is an indicator that he wants to be a dad already.

6. He Talks About Your Future Together With Kids

He sees you in his future, and not only that, but if he is talking about how many kids you’re going to have together or where you’re going to live, then you shouldn’t doubt that he wants to have a baby with you.

man smiling as a sign he wants a baby

7. He Suggests For You To Get Off Birth Control

Women get on birth control for various reasons, but if your reason is to avoid pregnancy then this one is for you.

Even if you both were on the same page regarding the use of birth control, if he is now telling you something different, then he’s obviously aware of the possibility of getting pregnant.

8. He Suddenly Has Interest in Health Improvement 

This one mainly applies to men who are physically healthy and don’t really have any health concerns.

It’s one thing for a woman to do her annual wellness exam or pap-smear, but when a man suddenly goes out of his way to also make an appointment to check his health, then that’s saying something.

This shows that he’s wanting to have a healthy baby in the future.

9. He’s a Little Envious Seeing Other People Getting Pregnant

If your man in general just seems a bit envious of friends and family members having babies, and you can see it bothers him, then this may be a sign that he wants a baby too.

When this is starting to really get to him, then definitely sit down and talk to him.

10. He Begins Doing His Own Research

He might look to his favorite platforms for guidance such as YouTube, podcasts, books, TV series, documentaries, you name it. This sudden urge to explore what to expect during pregnancy may be an early sign of baby fever.

11. He Starts Doing More For Your Family

When a man gets to the point where he wants to do more for your family, it really shows that he cares about them just as much as he cares about you.

He is showing you how much of a family man he is, and with this, it might help you picture him as the father of your future children.

12. He Tells You How Great of a Mom You’ll Be

If he’s seeing the maternal side of you, and he’s telling you, then he is obviously envisioning you as a mother. This will make him more motivated to start a family seeing that you would be a great mother to his kids.

13. He is Financially Planning for the Future

If he suddenly is making better financial decisions, saving money, talking about possibly buying a house, or looking into getting a better-paying job, then he’s looking to create a stable home for a family.

14. He Gets Emotional Talking About Fatherhood

A man who gets emotional talking about fatherhood and raising his kids is a man who sounds ready to start a family. If he’s opening up about fatherhood to you, then you should clearly see that he’s picturing that life with you.

15. He Seems Sad Now When You Get Your Period

Whether or not you both are actively trying to conceive, if his reaction is different or he seems sad all of a sudden when you get your period, this shows that something has changed for him.

16. He Feels Disappointed if you Get a Negative Pregnancy Test

It’s very telling if your man seems sad or disappointed when you get a negative pregnancy test. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, if you see him react this way, it might be because deep down he was hoping you were pregnant.

17. He Gets Excited to Have Sex When You’re Ovulating

If the idea of having sex during your most fertile days is exciting for him, knowing the risks, then that’s gotta tell you something.

18. He Consistently Reassures You of His Commitment to You

Here he might be suggesting marriage or potentially starting a family together.

if he continually expresses his commitment to you, then it’s time to talk about if your future together includes children.

19. He Openly Tells You

Well this is pretty obvious, right? If your man straight up tells you he wants a baby, then don’t ignore him or automatically assume he’s joking. He’s probably saying it for a reason.

Signs He Wants to Trap You

Wanting to be a dad is one thing, but if your man’s actions get to the point where you don’t feel comfortable or safe around him, then that’s definitely something you can’t ignore.

Yes, these last two signs show you he wants a baby, but it’s to the point where he oversteps your boundaries.

angry man as a sign he wants a baby to trap you

20. You Catch Him Tampering With Your Birth Control

If you suddenly catch him switching out your birth control pills with something else, or if you see him poking holes into your condoms, then this is a red flag. He is clearly manipulating the situation, so you definitely need to say something to him.

21. He Constantly Tries to Guilt-Trip You or Force You to Have Unprotected Sex

He shouldn’t make you feel guilty or force you to have unprotected sex. This is especially the case if you two are not married.

Have a conversation together and tell him how you feel. You two should be on the same page and should both feel willing and ready for whenever you engage in unprotected sex.

Check out some other signs!


What makes a man want to have a baby with you?

When a man sees that you possess the qualities that he’d want the mother of his children to have, then he’ll want to have a baby with you.

It really just depends on what he’s looking for. You can have all of these amazing qualities, but if those qualities aren’t compatible with what he wants, then you may want to give this a second thought.

Do men get baby fever?

The straightforward answer is YES. It is actually a thing for men to long for a child of their own. TIMEHealth states that baby fever is something normal that can be developed in both men and women although its intensity can vary from person to person.

Just as women can develop that longing to have a baby, men can also develop that same emotion. Do you think your man has baby fever? The following 21 signs might just help you get your answer!

How do you know if he is ready for a baby?

There are so many factors that come into play such as a man’s financial stability and maturity, but ultimately before you can make any judgements, you have to ask him.

Really sit down with him and have a serious conversation about where he stands in all aspects of his life– his job, his living situation, his finances, his emotional and mental readiness to start a family, etc.

Ultimately, you need to talk to him at some point to really know if he truly is ready.

How long should you wait to have a baby with someone?

There is no definite answer as to how long you should be with someone before having a baby. It varies from couple to couple. Take the time to be with that person long enough until you both find the answer together.

What are some signs he doesn’t want a baby with you?

If he doesn’t display any of the previous 21 signs, that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t ever want to have a baby with you.

The easiest way to find out is to bring up the conversation with him. If you feel ready to have kids but you don’t know where he stands, then it’s best to simply ask him to get a definite answer.

We just started dating and he wants a baby already. What should I do?

If you just started dating, then your focus should be to get to know each other first. It would be very difficult to raise a baby with someone who is basically a stranger. Either slow down and really get to know each other, or run.

**Is your man showing any of these signs? What are some other things he’s doing to show you he wants a baby with you? Comment below!

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  1. Great, informative post! My kids are 17 and 18 years old but I remember my husband’s excitement about having kids. He came right out and said it!😬😊

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Oh yeah my husband has always been vocal about wanting kids as well! I guess you can say he was my inspiration for a handful of these points 😉

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