The Ultimate List of 3 Letter Boy Names [+Meanings]

3 Letter Boy Names With Meaning

Looking for the cutest 3 letter boy names?? Here I am giving you some of the cutest name ideas you’ll obsess over!

Did you know that three letter boy names are among the most popular names in the 2020s? Same goes for 3 letter girl names

The truth is, using short names has been a very stylish and minimalist take on naming your baby.

The shorter, the better.

Whether you are the type of person who hates clutter, follow a minimalist parenting approach, or just simply loves the idea of a short and sweet boy name, these are the three letter boy names you should keep in mind for your next baby boy!

Here you’ll find the cutest boy name ideas like Lux, Eli, and Ash, but truly there are so many other adorable names in this list!

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

This post is all about the BEST 3 letter boy names.

Unique Boy Names

These one-of-a-kind 3 letter boy names will make heads turn!

  • Meaning: jewel
  • Meaning: elf
  • Meaning: the sun; fire
  • Meaning: bear
  • Meaning: good news
  • Meaning: blue
  • Meaning: gentle; happy
  • Meaning: a quiet person
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: supplant
  • Meaning: supplant
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: honor
  • Meaning: meadow of oak trees
  • Meaning: lamb
  • Meaning: born on the road; rich
  • Meaning: my light
  • Meaning: shepherd
  • Meaning: peace
  • Meaning: peace
  • Meaning: pious
  • Meaning: gift of God
  • Meaning: mind
  • Meaning: hope
  • Meaning: river
  • Meaning: lake
  • Meaning: little son

Strong Boy Names

These are strong 3 letter names that are perfect to match your baby boy’s fierce personality!

  • Meaning: father of nations
  • Meaning: supreme
  • Meaning: lion of God
  • Meaning: a strong mountain
  • Meaning: healer
  • Meaning: father of the peace
  • Meaning: man of peace
  • Meaning: sword
  • Meaning: leader
  • Meaning: god
  • Meaning: lord
  • Meaning: chief
  • Meaning: soldier
  • Meaning: great
  • Meaning: leader; guide
  • Meaning: army ruler
  • Meaning: to evaporate; to be mighty
  • Meaning: archer
  • Meaning: home ruler; black gemstone
  • Meaning: warrior
  • Meaning: keeper of keys; rejoice; sea
  • Meaning: defender of men
  • Meaning: a ruler
  • Meaning: king
  • Meaning: king
  • Meaning: dragon
  • Meaning: valiant; strong
  • Meaning: conquering
  • Meaning: protector to maintain peace
  • Meaning: defender of men
  • Meaning: wolf

Cool Boy Names

Your baby is so cool that he’ll need one of these awesome 3 letter boy names!

  • Meaning: unity; one
  • Meaning: supreme
  • Meaning: handsome
  • Meaning: handsome
  • Meaning: devotion
  • Meaning: a wise person
  • Meaning: brown; red
  • Meaning: solver
  • Meaning: laughter
  • Meaning: nobleman
  • Meaning: hill
  • Meaning: attendant
  • Meaning: lion
  • Meaning: new
  • Meaning: peace; rest
  • Meaning: heart
  • Meaning: one who loves horses
  • Meaning: peacock
  • Meaning: advisor
  • Meaning: pleasing; elevated
  • Meaning: river
  • Meaning: regret; street; herb
  • Meaning: wide meadow
  • Meaning: sun
  • Meaning: keeper of household
  • Meaning: extreme
  • Meaning: crown
  • Meaning: shining
  • Meaning: glad
  • Meaning: victory

Common 3 Letter Boy Names

Here are some common but classic three letter boy names!

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  • Meaning: blessed
  • Meaning: bright; shining
  • Meaning: friend
  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Meaning: elevated; highest
  • Meaning: winner; jaybird
  • Meaning: supplanter
  • Meaning: God will give
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: handsome
  • Meaning: fields
  • Meaning: lion
  • Meaning: warrior
  • Meaning: son of; son
  • Meaning: gift of God
  • Meaning: greatest
  • Meaning: wealthy guardian
  • Meaning: people of victory
  • Meaning: noble
  • Meaning: wise protector
  • Meaning: water lily; lotus
  • Meaning: bright fame
  • Meaning: mountain of strength and power
  • Meaning: king; red-haired
  • Meaning: savior
  • Meaning: God has heard
  • Meaning: praise
  • Meaning: gift of God
  • Meaning: honoring God
  • Meaning: twin
  • Meaning: God has remembered

Popular 3 Letter Boy Names

Here are some of the trendiest three letter boy names!

  • Meaning: happy
  • Meaning: noble
  • Meaning: devotion
  • Meaning: crooked nose
  • Meaning: male
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: white
  • Meaning: farmer
  • Meaning: joy
  • Meaning: farmer; the Lord is gracious
  • Meaning: the Lord is merciful
  • Meaning: the Lord is gracious
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: Lord’s friend
  • Meaning: sea
  • Meaning: bearer of Christ
  • Meaning: lion; heart
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: handsome
  • Meaning: delivered
  • Meaning: from the olive tree
  • Meaning: adventurous
  • Meaning: three
  • Meaning: western meadow
  • Meaning: blessed
  • Meaning: defender of men
  • Meaning: God is just
  • Meaning: meditation

**Which name is your favorite?? If you have any other ideas for three letter boy names, share in the comments below!

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