175+ GORGEOUS Middle Names for Olivia That Are Just Perfect

The Ultimate List of Middle Names for Olivia You’ll Obsess over!

On the hunt for some gorgeous middle names for Olivia? In this ultimate list, I am giving you the most beautiful middle name ideas I could possibly think of!

Olivia is the perfect baby girl name. It’s classy. It’s elegant. It’s timeless.

There are so many middle names that go with Olivia, but I made sure to only include the best names that pair perfectly and sound absolutely gorgeous.

So whether you’re looking for a one syllable middle name, an elegant middle name, a unique and uncommon middle name, a classic middle name, a modern and trendy middle name, or a cute middle name, I am your gal.

Find the perfect middle name for Olivia, and your baby will have one breathtaking name!

This post is all about the BEST middle names for Olivia.

Olivia name meaning

According to BabyCenter, the name Olivia means “olive tree” and is of Latin origin.

It’s no secret that Olivia has been one of the most popular girl names in the past couple of decades. In fact, it’s been in the top 10 baby girl names since 2001!

It’s such a timeless and elegant name that you can’t help but to love!

Best Middle Names for Olivia

Olivia LunaOlivia Paige
Olivia AliceOlivia Quinn
Olivia HarperOlivia Charlotte
Olivia JamesOlivia June
Olivia LennoxOlivia Willa

One Syllable Middle Names for Olivia

If you’re looking for a middle name that is short and sweet, here you’ll find some perfect one-syllable middle names that go with Olivia.

Sometimes less is more, and these name combinations are just absolutely beautiful.

  • Meaning: grace; favor
  • Meaning: blessed; bringer of happiness
  • Meaning: plain; field
  • Meaning: cheerful
  • Meaning: small stream
  • Meaning: clear; bright
  • Meaning: daybreak; first appearance of light
  • Meaning: living; life
  • Meaning: fairy
  • Meaning: desire of fulfillment
  • Meaning: precious stone
  • Meaning: supplanter
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: happiness; joyful
  • Meaning: young
  • Meaning: pure
  • Meaning: pure
  • Meaning: playful songbird
  • Meaning: full of love
  • Meaning: lake
  • Meaning: she who rules
  • Meaning: powerful battler
  • Meaning: radiant; bright; snow
  • Meaning: light
  • Meaning: north geographical direction
  • Meaning: young helper
  • Meaning: peach fruit
  • Meaning: wise
  • Meaning: ewe; female sheep
  • Meaning: rose flower
  • Meaning: compassionate friend
  • Meaning: prophet; herb
  • Meaning: to listen
  • Meaning: cloud; scholar
  • Meaning: raider; warrior
  • Meaning: frozen rain; light-haired
  • Meaning: swan bird
  • Meaning: genuine
  • Meaning: small bird
  • Meaning: friend

Elegant Middle Names for Olivia

The name Olivia is one of my favorite elegant and tasteful names, so here are the perfect middle names to match.

Any one of these name ideas are oh so elegant and breathtaking.

  • Meaning: noble
  • Meaning: hard worker; industrious
  • Meaning: highly praiseworthy
  • Meaning: divinely beautiful
  • Meaning: white; pure
  • Meaning: helper to the priest
  • Meaning: blind
  • Meaning: free
  • Meaning: clear; bright
  • Meaning: enclosure
  • Meaning: happy; rich; prosperous in war
  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • Meaning: universal
  • Meaning: star
  • Meaning: fair
  • Meaning: blossoming
  • Meaning: free one
  • Meaning: farmer; earth worker
  • Meaning: white; fair; blessed ring; blessed
  • Meaning: happiness
  • Meaning: home ruler
  • Meaning: merry; pretty
  • Meaning: wisdom; laurel tree
  • Meaning: pearl
  • Meaning: admire; to wonder
  • Meaning: wealth
  • Meaning: gracious; beauty

Unique and Uncommon Middle Names for Olivia

Sometimes finding a more unique and rare middle name is the way to go.

Here are some of my favorites that aren’t too out there, they still sound super pretty with first name Olivia while holding onto its uniqueness.

  • Meaning: nobility
  • Meaning: night rain
  • Meaning: princess
  • Meaning: shaking tree; aspen tree
  • Meaning: pretty; attractive
  • Meaning: thorny bush of wild roses
  • Meaning: beloved
  • Meaning: meadow flower
  • Meaning: word name for dream
  • Meaning: star
  • Meaning: pledge
  • Meaning: state of safety; shelter
  • Meaning: wooden land
  • Meaning: white; pure
  • Meaning: victorious
  • Meaning: star of the sea
  • Meaning: greatest
  • Meaning: little girl
  • Meaning: from the ocean
  • Meaning: pilgrim; palm tree
  • Meaning: reverent; devoted; spiritual
  • Meaning: word name for promise
  • Meaning: of nobility
  • Meaning: freedom
  • Meaning: to bloom; dew of God
  • Meaning: twilight
  • Meaning: fair one; happiness; pure
  • Meaning: blooming flower

Classic Middle Names for Olivia

You absolutely can’t go wrong with a classic and timeless middle name, so here are some of the best classic names that pair perfectly with Olivia.

  • Meaning: white
  • Meaning: pure
  • Meaning: people of victory; holly
  • Meaning: laurel; bay tree
  • Meaning: lady
  • Meaning: shining light
  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Meaning: princess
  • Meaning: color gray
  • Meaning: one who plays the harp
  • Meaning: hazelnut tree
  • Meaning: rainbow
  • Meaning: youthful
  • Meaning: lovable
  • Meaning: pearl
  • Meaning: star of the sea
  • Meaning: gentle strength
  • Meaning: wished-for child; beloved
  • Meaning: advisor
  • Meaning: myrtle tree; victory
  • Meaning: pleasantness; beautiful; gentle
  • Meaning: precious
  • Meaning: fighting man’s estate; warrior; noble
  • Meaning: king; illustrious
  • Meaning: red
  • Meaning: prophetess
  • Meaning: wisdom
  • Meaning: lily flower
  • Meaning: to harvest

Modern and Trendy Middle Names for Olivia

Want a more modern and trendy middle name?

Here are some way gorgeous middle names that are more on the modern side and sound great with Olivia!

  • Meaning: noble kind
  • Meaning: high; from the eagle valley
  • Meaning: ruler of elves; wise
  • Meaning: moonlight; halo
  • Meaning: pearl; wisdom
  • Meaning: half; small
  • Meaning: powerful; brave
  • Meaning: ruler of the house
  • Meaning: army hill
  • Meaning: maiden
  • Meaning: young
  • Meaning: boomerang
  • Meaning: of lace
  • Meaning: elm grove
  • Meaning: military at sea
  • Meaning: heaven
  • Meaning: rest
  • Meaning: new
  • Meaning: from the oak meadow
  • Meaning: dark red; symbol of renewal
  • Meaning: bouquet; flower; He will increase
  • Meaning: valiant
  • Meaning: peaceful; complete
  • Meaning: tailor
  • Meaning: willow tree; freedom

Cute Middle Names for Olivia

These cute middle names will just melt your heart!

You can’t go wrong with any of these cute and sweet middle name ideas for your precious baby girl.

  • Meaning: little bird; bright; famous
  • Meaning: flower-like
  • Meaning: beautiful- voiced
  • Meaning: blooming
  • Meaning: the celebrated one; chocolate bean
  • Meaning: God’s gift
  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • Meaning: pure; chaste
  • Meaning: vine
  • Meaning: precious stone
  • Meaning: sorrows
  • Meaning: moon
  • Meaning: pearl
  • Meaning: maple tree
  • Meaning: gentle strength; strong in work
  • Meaning: intellect
  • Meaning: noble one
  • Meaning: orchid flower
  • Meaning: flower or weaver; short for Penelope
  • Meaning: petals of flower; leaf
  • Meaning: fairy
  • Meaning: star of the sea
  • Meaning: princess
  • Meaning: wisdom
  • Meaning: desire; protection

Best short middle names for Olivia

  • Olivia Quinn
  • Olivia James
  • Olivia June
  • Olivia Rose
  • Olivia Paige
  • Olivia Sloane
  • Olivia Love
  • Olivia Ruth
  • Olivia Jade
  • Olivia Sage
  • Olivia Noor
  • Olivia Maude
  • Olivia Wynn
  • Olivia Swan
  • Olivia True

Best long middle names for Olivia

  • Olivia Antoinette
  • Olivia Calliope
  • Olivia Charlotte
  • Olivia Elizabeth
  • Olivia Florence
  • Olivia Promise
  • Olivia Gabrielle
  • Olivia Catherine
  • Olivia Adalynn
  • Olivia Emerson
  • Olivia Scarlett
  • Olivia Harper
  • Olivia Haven
  • Olivia Odette
  • Olivia Catherine

How to choose the perfect middle name

Finding the perfect middle name can be tricky, and you can easily find yourself being indecisive.

Well let me give you my best tips to help you find that beautiful middle name to match your beautiful baby girl.


Think about whether you like the name Olivia with a short middle name or a long middle name.

Personally I love Olivia with a shorter middle name, but you can still find a medium-long length middle name that works beautifully!

Theme or Style

Would you want a classic middle name? Something more modern and trendy? Or something that is totally unique and rare?

Or maybe you want an elegant middle name or a cute middle name.

It all comes down to your personal aesthetic and what kind of name you’d like to give your baby girl.

Family Tree

Do you want to honor a family relative by using their name as your baby’s middle name?

Saying the name out loud

You may love how the middle name looks written on paper, but you absolutely MUST say the first and middle name together out loud to truly see if you love the names together.

Full name and initials

Finally, just envision your baby’s full name and consider the initials.

Do you love how the first, middle, and last names come together?

Do the initials spell out anything weird or inappropriate? Believe me, this can happen.

You want to consider these final details before making a final decision.

Nicknames for Olivia

Any of the following would make perfect nicknames for Olivia, pick a favorite!

  • Liv
  • Livvy
  • Oli
  • Ollie
  • Livia
  • Via
  • Vivi
  • Viv
  • Vee
  • Olive
  • Olives

Names like Olivia

  • Emma
  • Sophia
  • Ava
  • Isabella
  • Abigail
  • Charlotte
  • Mia
  • Amelia
  • Madison
  • Emily
  • Mila

Sibling names for Olivia

Boy names that go with Olivia (for brother)

  1. Olivia & Noah
  2. Olivia & Jonah
  3. Olivia & James
  4. Olivia & Elijah
  5. Olivia & Owen
  6. Olivia & Liam
  7. Olivia & Nathaniel
  8. Olivia & Luke
  9. Olivia & Jack
  10. Olivia & Andrew
  11. Olivia & Leo
  12. Olivia & Thomas
  13. Olivia & Matthew
  14. Olivia & Theo
  15. Olivia & Sebastian

Girl names that go with Olivia (for sister)

  1. Olivia & Victoria
  2. Olivia & Quinn
  3. Olivia & Charlotte
  4. Olivia & Hannah
  5. Olivia & June
  6. Olivia & Haley
  7. Olivia & Claire
  8. Olivia & Addison
  9. Olivia & Natalie
  10. Olivia & Eleanor
  11. Olivia & Josephine
  12. Olivia & Alice
  13. Olivia & Piper
  14. Olivia & Diana
  15. Olivia & Penny

First names that go with Olivia

  • Brynn Olivia
  • Paige Olivia
  • Meadow Olivia
  • Carter Olivia
  • Alexis Olivia
  • Noelle Olivia
  • Grace Olivia
  • Ruby Olivia
  • Arielle Olivia
  • Aria Olivia
  • Nora Olivia
  • Gwen Olivia

What is your favorite middle name for Olivia? Add your favorites to the comments below!

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175+ GORGEOUS Middle Names for Olivia That Are Just Perfect

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